ASG-Remote Desktop

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Delivers Secure Remote Access to Your Servers and Workstations in Real Time.

ASG-Remote Desktop integrates a large variety of connection protocols, allowing you to manage Windows, Citrix, Linux/UNIX- and Macintosh systems if necessary from any computer via USB stick.

ASG-Remote Desktop speeds up daily access to your administration tools and servers via a central console. The ease of use and power of ASG-Remote Desktop has impressed more than 200,000 administrators worldwide.


  • Database mode

    Multiple IT administrators can share, create and edit connections (allows concurrent users) even if database goes offline.

  • Reporting

    Built-in reporting module (connection history displays the most-used connections).

  • Ease of use

    Administrators perform many recurring tasks on remote servers and workstations, which can be automated.

  • Security as a central feature

    Encrypted data even through VNC or ICA protocols.


  • Remote administration on USB - mobile use without any installation.

  • Manage Windows, Citrix, Linux/Unix, Macintosh and browser-based systems.

  • Integration and direct access to external applications.

  • Connect over multiple protocols, including RDP, ICA, VNC, SSH, Telnet and HTTP/S.

  • Configuration of administrative permissions in database mode.

I use ASG-Remote Desktop every single day, and it has become a staple point of my desktop support routine. A good 80 percent of my time is saved not having to visit computers directly or look them up manually. There is a fine line between simplicity and functionality. ASG has found the perfect blend in-between.

Tim Mendenhall, Seamon Whiteside + Associates