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for Application Development and Information Management

ASG-ManagerView provides workstation-based graphical information engineering. It is a direct window to the ASG-Manager Products repository, and allows you to display repository information in graphical terms.

Because it is independent of any specific methodology, ASG-ManagerView can be customized to suit your company’s unique requirements. Whether you are using it on its own, or as a means of accessing your host repository, ASG-ManagerView provides your company with a simple and reliable working environment.


  • Improves business communications with precise representations of images and text.

  • Offers total life cycle support.

  • Provides complete flexibility for meeting changing requirements.


  • Provides a graphical representation of knowledge.

  • Reduces learning curve and maximizes productivity with a highly user-friendly GUI.

  • Defines queries graphically, and stores them as diagrams for future use.