ASG-Manager Products

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For the Centralized Management of the Data-describing Information Assets in Mainframe-focused Organizations, and the Interrogation, Display and Exploitation of that Data.

The Manager Products family provides out-of-the-box support for many metadata sources and predefined repository information models (RIMs) for software development and production organizations.

The underlying repository provides a means for integrating, exchanging, and reusing metadata. It creates a foundation for information engineering across different tools and platforms. In addition, it stores the master set of metadata to prevent lock-in of individual tools. As a result, models within and across project teams are high quality and consistent.


ASG-Manager Products use enterprise metadata to support the following:
  • Applications and database development

    Define databases and generate necessary data definition language and program control blocks to support applications development and database administration.

  • Data warehouse management

    Map data sources to the DW and record technical data structures, simplifying DW management. Model the data and its business context, enabling business users to easily navigate the DW and understand its contents.

  • Data modeling and design automation

    Full support for entity relationship (ER) and entitiy association (EA) modeling.

  • Change management

    Quickly identify the impact of changes. Comprehensive change management and versioning facilities make it simple to manage enhancements to the DW environment. Updates to meta-data can be automatically distributed across impacted tools.

  • Documentation

    Produce documents such as reports and manuals automatically, incorporating information stored in your Manager Products repository.


ASG-Manager Products

    A tailorable repository-driven environment for enabling application development strategy and automation.


    The corporate information resource management system.


    An interactive data and enterprise modeling system for logical and physical database design.


    A repository-driven interchange system supporting the exchange of definitions between multiple vendor repositories.


    Provides rich-client access to the Manager Products repository.

  • ASG-ManagerView™

    Provides workstation-based graphical information engineering.

  • ASG-WebEnabler

    Provides browser-based access to the Manager Products repository.