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ASG-ITASM License Compliance Solution

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Helps Manage an Enterprise's Installed Software, Implementation, and License Compliancy Program

Saves organizations time and money by easily and comprehensively providing software asset inventory, and governing license compliance across the entire organization.

ASG-ITASM License Compliance Solution helps organizations implement software asset management best practices so they can effectively manage their assets and stay compliant with software license agreements. It identifies software inventory, measures use activity, and automatically links complex license entitlements, enabling IT to align software spending with business priorities. It also enables organizations to make financial and management decisions based on accurate software asset and licensing information, and helps IT proactively manage software license compliance, and reduce unnecessary license fees by identifying software inventory and activity. And it enables monitoring of software use trends to plan financially optimal software migrations and license model changes, data center consolidations, outsourcing and in-sourcing events, mergers and acquisitions, and disaster-recovery planning.


Provides information to assist in managing an enterprise's installed software, implementation and license compliancy program.
  • Provides software licensing details

    Consolidates purchasing and contract data with software usage information and helps manage software licenses.

  • Comprehensive Rules Engine

    Correlates software titles to vendor-specific licenses that are created and managed within the repository.

  • Manage multiple versions of software

    Maps multiple versions, releases and vendor titles into a single software instance to simplify license management.

  • Flexibility: On-Premise or SaaS

    Available either on-premise or on-demand, delivering real flexibility in the deployment mode.


The ASG-ITASM License Compliance Solution lets you manage each step in the software asset life cycle – from purchase to disposal.
  • Reduces Vendor Audit Risks

    Eliminates exposure to financial penalties associated with software audits.

  • Improves Decision Making

    Leverages existing investment in discovery and software distribution tools to better manage software assets.

  • Inventory Management

    Inventories and identifies software being used and matches it to the software brands and licenses.