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ASG-ITASM Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM)

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Provides a Deep Level of Understanding Within an Application and IT Infrastructure

Enables customers to improve efficiency by automating the discovery and dependency mapping of applications and underlying infrastructures that support their critical business services.

ASG-ITASM Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) provides an understanding of how applications and dependencies impact IT and business services. It supports many important infrastructure and service support initiatives like release management, change and configuration management, incident and problem management, compliance and audit trails, cost control and charge back, disaster recovery, dynamic provisioning, and service level management. ASG-ITASM DDM supports discovery and mapping from infrastructure to business applications, and discovers both packaged and custom application configurations.


Provides a powerful communication connection between the business, IT service support, operations, and the applications teams.
  • Discovers and maps diverse components

    Discovers both packaged and custom application configurations.

  • Supports third-party integrations

    Supports enterprise systems such as Oracle, SAP, Websphere environments.

  • Flexible, customizable user interface

    Flexible solution set that is easy to integrate within existing service support and I&O information systems.

  • Drill-down Capabilities

    Extensible out of the box graphs, queries, and reports.


Dramatically reduces the time to map business service to infrastructure dependencies.
  • Change Management

    Automates the process of mapping transactions and applications to underlying infrastructure and application interdependencies.

  • Improve IT inventory accuracy

    Provides dynamic insights to information and assets based on critical IT priorities.

What impressed me is that ASG-DDM looked and felt like a mature product. ASG-ITASM Discovery and Dependency Mapping had several of the dependencies we needed already worked out. We didn't have to go through 15 clicks to get anything out of the tool.

Director of IT Service Management / A Health Benefits Company