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ASG-ITASM Asset Management

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Provides Organizations Comprehensive Visibility of Their IT Assets

Helps you understand the full life cycle of your IT assets, from purchase to disposal, with multiple financial analyses.

ASG-ITASM Asset Management solution helps business managers and IT asset managers to budget, manage and reduce their IT costs, ensure license compliance, and optimize their hardware and software purchases, deployments and life cycles. It improves visibility into IT assets to reduce costs and fulfill compliance initiatives, simplifies hardware and software asset management to reduce IT costs, and provides asset visibility. Aligned with ITIL® best practices, it delivers a comprehensive and precise picture of the IT infrastructure, ensuring organizations have all the information they need to understand the value of IT, control and optimize costs, anticipate investments, and drive key initiatives.


Can be configured to support business processes, allowing processes to be enhanced time to achieve optimal performance.
  • Automated IT Asset Discovery

    Delivers automated discovery and monitors licensing and compliance.

  • Enhanced Asset Life Cycle Management

    Supports a large variety of software licensing contracts and asset visibility.

  • Better Cost Tracking and Control

    Tracks costs associated with the asset from acquisition price, depreciation, upgrades, work orders, and maintenance.


Helps free resources – both human and financial – to focus on higher-value activities and truly engage with business.
  • Reduces costs, risks, and complexity

    Helps organizations control, justify and leverage IT asset costs and initiatives.

  • Efficient Software License Management

    Provides an ongoing count of software licenses and allows companies to avoid software noncompliance penalties.

  • Flexibility: On-Premise or SaaS

    Delivers real flexibility in the deployment mode. Also able to seamlessly shift between SaaS and on-premise at any time.

We get a precise picture of our entire infrastructure from IT to non-IT assets from a single solution.

Asset Management Lead / Radio France