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ASG-INFO/X Enterprise

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for Comprehensive Production Asset Management

ASG-INFO/X Enterprise is designed to automatically capture, cross-reference, and make available current information about production environments. IT personnel can better analyze the impact of changes to production components and avoid mistakes that cause costly production outages.

ASG-INFO/X Enterprise provides a centralized asset management solution for multiple LPAR data centers. (Data sources include JCL, DB2, IMS, and mainframe scheduling products, ASG-Zeke, TWS, ESP, and others.) CICS and CSECT information is also collected and stored in the ASG-INFO/X Repository (DB2 database). It extracts data from a number of sources and then processes it on a z/OS platform. During the analysis process, ASG-INFO/X Enterprise resolves all overrides, referbacks, and symbolics, and then stores this data in a repository. Network connectivity makes it possible for information to be stored on several machines across the enterprise. Production JCL libraries may reside on one z/OS LPAR, while test JCL is stored on a separate LPAR.


  • Collects CICS and load module CSECT information

  • Gathers information from JCL, DB2, IMS, and expands PROCs and Control Statement members

  • Provides online inquiry and cross-referencing reports

  • Generates complete, reliable, and accurate job documentation

  • Manages assets across multiple LPARs (centralized asset tracking and cross-referencing)


  • Interfaces with schedulers (ASG-Zeke, TWS, ESP, and others)

  • Enables efficient production JCL analysis and operations documentation

  • Includes traditional ISPF as well as a Windows interface (optional client-server component)

  • Interfaces with library management, tape management, change control, security, and other data center software products

  • Returns jobs to production faster due to reduced research and analysis time