ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence

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A key enabler of enterprise information and knowledge management that provides business users with the ability to effectively locate understand and manage information assets that supports the daily IT and business operations.

Ensures organizations get the most value out of information assets by making them easy to find, understand, and use. It helps improve the management and governance of information and data.

ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence helps organizations govern their information assets. It makes jobs easier by helping to find and access the data that is needed, when it is needed, and helps organizations see value in their data assets. ASG's Data Intelligence supports data governance policies by providing the data assets that are needed to run the business. It improves efficiency and agility, eliminates risk in the time-consuming managing of corporate information, and helps organizations with data modeling, managing business glossaries, data dictionaries, and data warehouse and reference data.


  • Provides end-to-end data lineage

    Provides a dynamic visual map that shows all the data flows and dependencies in the environment

  • Supports Impact Analysis

    Views all impacts of proposed changes to the data integration environment before they are implemented

  • Supports a wide variety of technologies

    Supports a unique collection of interfaces to more than 140 different types of metadata sources

  • Technical and Business Rationalization

    A new and unique way of rationalizing business and technical information

  • Supports Data Governance Initiatives

    Supports both data governance and regulatory compliance by defining information based on corporate standards and definitions

  • A powerful interface browsers

    An intelligent interface that delivers business, logical, and physical metadata to end users in a faster and intuitive manner

  • Provides Workflow

    Governs, creates, and shares a common vocabulary of business terms and definitions


Provides comprehensive visibility across all units, granting mangers the ability to make clearer and more accurate decisions.
  • Provides Traceability

    Enables the movement and linkage of metadata within and outside the repository

  • Foundation for Data Governance Initiative

    Supports both data governance and regulatory compliance by defining information based on corporate standards and definitions

  • Make Information Usable

    Describes how information can be used, combined, and shared; establishes knowledge base of information and assets

  • Protects Corporate Interests and Reputation

    Provides “evidence” for governance and compliance purposes; prevents inappropriate exposure and use of information

  • Minimizes Cost of Information Usage

    Reduces storage costs due to creation and maintenance of redundant data and complexity