ASG-DocumentDirect for the Internet

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Browser-based Content Searching, Viewing, Retrieval and Web Delivery

ASG-DocumentDirect for the Internet is a powerful, integrated, Web-based user interface for the ASG-ViewDirect Suite. It provides users the ability to easily view, download, and link content across repositories and platforms from anywhere, at any time.

ASG-DocumentDirect for the Internet provides authorized users with secure, remote access to all content stored anywhere in the enterprise, including AFP, DJDE/Metacode, PDF, PCL, Postscript, XML, e-mail, HTML, images, text, rich media, word processing, spreadsheets, and more. By giving authorized users fingertip access to critical information when and where they need it, ASG-DocumentDirect for the Internet helps organizations leverage enterprise knowledge to gain competitive advantage.


The ASG-DocumentDirect for the Internet is the only thin-client UI that can provide:
  • Easy Organization

    EnterpriseFolders™ organize content into custom folders and see multiple views of the same items without replicating documents.

  • Web-Based Content Access

    Retrieve and view documents without resource-intensive hardware and software configurations via a cost-effective thin client.

  • Powerful Search

    Perform simple or complex search queries across disparate content formats, repositories, and platforms.

  • Customized Delivery

    Automatically convert documents into Web-ready formats without creating additional storage overhead.

  • Automatic Content Presentment

    Retain the original document formatting and make it content Web-ready, regardless of source application or native format.

  • Dynamic Linking

    Use dynamic hyperlinks and insert them into other documents, websites, or even into external applications such as ERP and CRM.

  • Desktop Analysis and Export

    Download and export a page, range of pages, section, or an entire document/report to the desktopin a variety of formats.


ASG-DocumentDirect for the Internet assists organizations to:
  • Grant authorized internal and external users Web-based access to content across the enterprise.

  • Leverage Web application servers with J2EE and service-oriented architecture (SOA).

  • Provide dynamic indexing for high-speed search and retrieval.

  • Enable user-friendly access, exploration, and content organization.

  • Allow users to insert dynamic hyperlinks in retrieved content.

  • Automate the document delivery process.

  • Supply Web-ready output for any content, while ensuring the original document remains unaffected.

  • Exploit performance advantages of Web application servers and offers the option of a thin-client deployment.

  • Ensure high system availability through an automated self-correcting facility.