ASG-Digital Archive

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For Preserving and Protecting Digital Content in File-Based Workflows

ASG-Digital Archive is an open archive software solution with automatic, end-user, and workflow-triggered archiving. ASG-Digital Archive migrates content from primary storage to near-line and deep archives, whether digital tape, disk or cloud storage.

Today, organizations must manage more critical data than ever before - and data volumes continue to grow at an explosive pace. Traditional backup and recovery solutions have proven ill-equipped to keep up with these demands. To ensure these increasing volumes of critical information are always available when needed, organizations require advanced new archiving capabilities. ASG-Digital Archive is the one solution that enables IT organizations to address their storage management challenges, today and in the long term. By managing data in a secure, centrally-managed archive, ASG-Digital Archive represents the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective way to protect critical business information. This solution ensures that an organization’s most valuable data is organized and easily accessible - while at the same time freeing up expensive disk space, lowering storage costs, and reducing the backup window for data that is infrequently accessed.


  • Broad Storage Support

    Disk, tape, object storage and cloud are all supported.

  • High Performance Workflows

    ASG-Digital Archive uses dedicated data movers that keep central file servers out of the data path so users are not slowed down.

  • Open Formats

    Uses the non-proprietary TAR/PAX and LTFS formats for tape. The archive is open and readable without proprietary software.

  • Media and Entertainment

    ASG-Digital Archive interfaces with the major media asset management solutions: Avid, Primestream, Levels Beyond, CatDV, …

  • Scalability and Performance

    Thousands of users can perform ad hoc archival, and organizations can seamlessly manage petabytes of archived information.

  • Easy archive and retrieval

    Archive and retrieval can be manual or automatic and available through third party applications.


  • Long term open format preservation

  • Reduction of storage costs

  • Improved quality of storage service

  • Control the storage

  • Optimized data workflows

  • Easy access to data and metadata

ASG Digital Archive enhanced the NFB’s post-production workflows by ensuring data integrity and giving quick and easy archive access to end-users to search and retrieve productions from our collections.

Luisa Frate, c.a., COO and CFO, NFB