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ASG-Data Intelligence Application Understanding

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Enhances Application Manager’s Productivity and Supports Application Investment Management and Information Understanding

A unique solution that saves organizations time and money by providing detailed knowledge and understanding for more effective management and decision-making within the application life cycle.

ASG's Application Understanding Solution identifies the composition of custom applications and how they are connected. It supports a wide range of technologies and presents an end-to-end view of applications assets across the enterprise, from mainframe to distributed technologies. It supports business and IT initiatives: application integration and outsourcing, external regulatory requirements, internal control compliance, and application modernization.


ASG-Data Intelligence Application Understanding enables the analysis of applications and helps facilitate a wide variety of architecture and business driven decisions
  • Supports Internal Governance

    Enhances IT governance through measurement, control, and end-to-end visibility of all applications in the portfolio

  • Provides Impact Analysis

    Helps determine the impact of change and how it affects the business

  • Recognizes more than 100 Technologies

    Impressive breadth of technologies from the domains of mainframe and distributed architectures

  • Reduces Application Complexity

    Inventories, references, and documents all business, technical, functional, and data elements at a finer level

  • Manages Application Quality

    Provides over 200 out of the box application quality rules and metrics that relate to applications compliance


Saves time and money by unlocking the potential of an application portfolio
  • Enables Portfolio Evaluation Support

    Helps identify and prioritize candidates for application replacement, retirement, outsourcing and repairing

  • Increases Developers Productivity

    Helps programmers and developers to become more productive; identifies applications that are critical to the business

  • Addresses Demographic and Technology Changes

    Identifies diminishing and obsolete and legacy products; measures complexity of custom applications and databases

  • Supports Risk and Quality Management

    Allows changes made with minimal disruption and risk; monitors and identifies legacy code and application quality and health

We used ASG-becubic to scan 29,354 NATURAL objects and were able to document application flow and eliminate a manual process for over 50 complex applications, which reduced our analysis time by more than 90 percent.

Maintenance Programming Manager, Major Financial Service Company