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for Comprehensive Production JCL Documentation

ASG-DOCU/TEXT provides a centralized documentation management solution for single LPAR data centers. Data sources include JCL, DB2, IMS, and several mainframe scheduling products (ASG-Zeke, TWS, ESP, and others). Repository options include VSAM files and PDS libraries.

Concise and accurate online cross-reference information is required by all applications programmers. Changes that are accurately analyzed the first time shorten the application delivery cycle and reduce maintenance backlogs. Knowing all the answers precludes unexpected results. ASG-DOCU/TEXT eliminates the manual work involved with completing a project, causing productivity to increase as research and analysis time is reduced.


  • Enables efficient production JCL analysis and operations documentation.

  • Returns jobs to production faster due to reduced research and analysis time.

  • Interfaces with library management, tape management, change control, security, and other data center software products.


  • Generates complete, reliable, and accurate job documentation.

  • Provides online inquiry and cross-referencing reports.

  • Gathers information from JCL, DB2, IMS, and expands PROCs and Control Statement members.

  • Interfaces with schedulers (ASG-Zeke, TWS, ESP, and others).