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for Job Setup, Restart, and Rerun Functionality

ASG-Cortex-Prep streamlines job setup in z/OS environments by providing services for entering, formatting, and computing values for job variables. ASG-Cortex-Prep is an interactive system that makes job preparation easier by providing a user-friendly interface and by carrying out most tasks automatically. Job preparation is also made more reliable because no manual intervention with process flows is required, thus avoiding errors. 

The graphical interface makes it possible to prepare jobsets (job streams) on a flowchart basis. ASG-Cortex-Prep also provides powerful restart and rerun facilities. It can restart during any step, because the step that interrupted is not always the root of the problem. Further, file and catalog backout is totally automatic and requires no manual intervention.


  • Builds procedures from same pattern, so one production team member can manage the complete preparation.

  • Allows preparation of jobs in advance.

  • Provides automated solutions for restarts and reruns automatically.


  • Automates most preparation tasks and enables delegation to end-users, thus freeing up manpower.

  • Presents basic, trade-based terms in English in preparation environment, so users need neither operator assistance nor prior knowledge of IT.

  • Intercepts all invalid values as soon as they are entered, so they can be subsequently rectified and resubmitted.