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A Production Database for Documenting Application Objects and Attributes

ASG-Cortex-Pdb documents application objects and attributes in a production database that is compatible with any hardware or software environment. It is also a powerful compiler that generates standardized JCL and process flows. 

It generates procedures, parameter streams, and job scheduling information for multiple environments (tests, acceptance, production, etc.) and platforms (z/OS, UNIX®, etc.) in accordance with your IT standards. In addition, ASG-Cortex-Pdb streamlines the process of moving your application JCL or other command language into production.


  • Improves communication between development and operations personnel by providing everyone with a common tool.

  • Makes applications portable across platforms and sites.

  • Increases productivity by generating error-free JCL and process flows.


  • Provides an easy-to-use interface through Microsoft® Windows® for translating job streams into flowcharts.

  • Guarantees extensive and accurate object descriptions by using them to generate actual production JCL.

  • Facilitates impact analysis by cross referencing all objects.

  • Ensures security of objects at any grouping level required by security administration.