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Empower your Business Users with an integrated IT Service Store

ASG-CloudStore and ASG-CloudRobot enable developers and business users to deploy and manage private, public and mainframe services more efficiently in an app store manner while providing IT operations management with the required governance tools.

The app store concept constitutes the most significant breakthrough in retail since the introduction of the traditional supermarket. Gartner estimates that 25 percent of enterprises will have implemented some type of internal app store by 2017. This is a direct result of “Consumerization of IT,” as business users expect the ability to receive the applications they need instantaneously. However, in addition to just an app store, today’s business users need a solution that allows them to satisfy increasingly complex requirements. ASG-CloudStore enables complex, cross-functional provisioning workflows by facilitating the interaction of a multitude of IT systems, as well as multi-stage approval processes.


ASG-CloudStore offers offers essential enterprise app store and self-service management capabilities such as:
  • A comprehensive and transparent self-service catalog and cloud store solution

  • Ability for users to order applications and services in an Amazon-like “click and buy” manner

  • Tight integration options for ASG´s self-service workflow automation engine ASG-CloudRobot


ASG-CloudStore, in combination with workflow automation from ASG-CloudRobot, allows for:
  • Shorter time to service and satisfied users through simplified, accelerated and transparent service request and fulfillment processes

  • Self-service capabilities will allow IT to optimize capacities in order to refocus on valuable and business-improving projects

  • Reduction of "Shadow IT" through a clear overview and description of all available IT services ensures security and compliance

ASG's IT-as-a-Service solution underlines their excellent approach of automating and accelerating the delivery of applications and all IT services for simplified consumption by the business.

Torsten Volk, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)