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Data Center Automation Powered by Fully-Automated Deployment and Life Cycle Management for Server Infrastructure

ASG-CloudShaper enables real time and cost savings in the data center through automation of day-to-day operational tasks, such as the provisioning of full workspaces, including role-based application and services configuration, and all required resources in a centralized and highly virtualized cloud infrastructure.

Two of the top requirements for enterprise IT are facilitating and speeding up processes that support the business and optimize costs by reducing operational expenses (OpEx). Automation of day-to-day operational tasks is the key to achieving both goals. Data center automation empowers the transition of moving from managing infrastructure to the management of services consumption. It is an absolute requirement for an efficient and effective IT environment with faster delivery models, improved quality of service, and increased agility and responsiveness to business needs. ASG-CloudShaper is a proven enterprise software which automates the most important IT operations tasks, such as provisioning full user workplaces (including the role-based application and services configuration), and the fully-automated deployment and management of all required resources in a centralized and highly virtualized cloud infrastructure.


With ASG-CloudShaper enterprise IT organizations can better support their business by:
  • ITIL-compliant, fully automated deployment and life cycle management solution for cloud server infrastructure

  • Auditable release management and recovery solution for cloud landscapes

  • Secure, role-based delegation of development and operation responsibilities

  • Large inventory of proven and pre-packaged templates combined with an open, extendible architecture to accelerate deployment

  • Automation for heterogeneous cloud management and hypervisor landscapes


ASG-CloudShaper is a unique data center automation product that provides:
  • Saving capacities through automation of daily growing IT tasks and the fulfillment of new business requirements

  • Appointing regained team resources to projects that carry business value and drive innovation

  • Achieving higher reliability and productivity by reducing downtime, speeding up disaster recovery, and avoiding “human errors”