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A Unique Self-Service and Provisioning Workflow Engine

ASG-CloudRobot offers a comprehensive workflow automation engine for ASG´s unique IT-as-a-Service solution.

Whenever a new application or service, such as a Sharepoint site, a virtual test environment, or adding a new user to the team is required, most organizations still suffer from complex, time-consuming and very manual processes to fulfill these requests. IT-as-a-Service, featuring a service catalog that provides a clear overview of all available IT services, and a powerful workflow engine that accelerates requests, approvals and the provisioning, massively facilitates processes for all involved parties and optimizes the request status transparency. ASG-CloudRobot provides essential workflow design, automation and management capabilities to enable the desired degree of automated IT service delivery.


ASG-CloudRobot provides unique IT-as-a-Service capabilities such as:
  • A comprehensive workflow design, automation and management engine

  • Reduces time and cost for standard tasks through automation of the request fulfillment

  • Full transparency during the fulfillment process

  • Essential support for the desired degree of automated IT service delivery

  • Decreases complex provisioning scenarios using a platform agnostic workflow engine that combines reusable and standard automation templates

  • Template packs shared in a partner community portal


With ASG-CloudCockpit, users and IT benefit from:
  • Self-service and process automation that releases IT from many recurring service requests

  • Increased user satisfaction and productivity through shorter service request and fulfillment processes

  • Regained capacities that enable IT to refocus on valuable and business-improving projects

Many customers tend to underestimate the power and benefits of self-service workflow automation. ASG-CloudRobot is an essential element of our proven cloud architecture - for private, public and hybrid cloud platforms.

Klaus Schiewe, Head of Solution Architects, ASG Software Solutions