ASG CloudFactory

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A Proven Suite of Products to Plan, Build, and Manage Modern Cloud Platforms

ASG CloudFactory is a solution suite to plan, build and manage modern cloud management platforms that combine cross platform service aggregation and management with an attractive, easy to use workspace environment that delivers applications, information, and all IT services to any device.

Businesses can start simplifying their IT service delivery today by implementing an end-to-end cloud management platform that provides datacenter automation, self-service management, cloud service aggregation and an innovative workspace. By deploying this SLA-driven cloud platform, companies will be enabled to better meet business demands, optimize cost and enhance productivity. ASG CloudFactory provides proven software solutions and cloud blueprints to build, provision, and manage end-to-end cloud environments that empower the entire organization with more agility while maximizing existing technologies and investments. At the front-end, ASG CloudFactory provides a next generation workspace that aggregates and securely delivers applications, information and business-critical IT services no matter the device or location. At the back-end, ASG CloudFactory provides fully-automated infrastructure life cycle management and provisioning workflows to ensure resource elasticity and short time-to-service.


The ASG Cloud approach helps customers receive the most value out of existing IT investments by automating the delivery of centralized IT services for simplified consumption by the business.
  • A future workspace with end-to-end security

  • Employee on- and off-boarding within minutes

  • Simplified and accelerated provisioning of IT services

  • Seamless aggregation of applications and services from various sources

  • ITIL-compliant, fully automated life cycle management of cloud server infrastructure

  • Cloud assessment for a successful transformation of IT service delivery


Transform your IT environment into private and hybrid clouds leveraging the highest level of IT service delivery automation. ASG CloudFactory offers you everything you need to benefit from an end-to-end cloud management suite, including:
  • Workspaces

    for increased productivity through intuitive user interfaces

  • Self-Service Management

    for shorter time-to-service with status transparency

  • Cloud Service Aggregation

    for controlled and convenient access, including public cloud services

  • Data Center Automation

    to regain team capacities for strategic business support

  • Cloud Assessment

    to ensure the successful transformation of IT service delivery

Of all Cloud Management Solutions that we have reviewed during our Radar, ASG CloudFactory constitutes the strongest solution industry-wide in terms of automated IT service delivery.

Torsten Volk, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), EMA Cloud Management Radar, Q1, 2013