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A Game-Changing Solution to Simplify and Accelerate Mainframe Management

A mainframe management solution that reduces costs and shortens time-to-service by capturing expert knowledge and making it available in a provisioning workflow library.

ASG’s mainframe management solution makes the lives of mainframe IT managers and administrators a whole lot easier. Self-service catalogs and a smart workflow engine simplify and accelerate IT service delivery. Standard mainframe services, such as LPAR, CICS Regions, User On and Off-boarding, z/OS upgrades, benefit from automated and template-based provisioning. Expert knowledge is captured and shared by peers through workflow templates and scripts in the public ASG CloudFactory/MF Community.


  • Creates a non-expert platform to manage mainframe service requests.

  • Captures expert knowledge to enable mainframe management based on a proven template library model.

  • Integrating mainframe service provisioning automatically into workflows.

  • Implementing self-service management that includes approval and status transparency capabilities.

  • Bringing a community to life that lets ASG developers, partners and customers share workflow and job templates.