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Workspaces with End-to-End Service Aggregation and Security

ASG-CloudCockpit provides user friendly and controlled access to all apps, services and data regardless their source – private or public.

In today's consumerized world, users expect intuitive, easy-to-use solutions and interfaces to request, access, and work with applications, services, and data, wherever they are, and with whatever device they would like to use. But what is the best way to aggregate and provide access to apps, data, and services? Desktop virtualization is a very popular concept when standardization and efficiency are required, but it does not go well with today's growing trend for mobile computing. ASG believes in a combination of the latest virtualization, server-based, and web technologies that we simply call "Workspace."


ASG-CloudCockpit is the only cloud workspace product that combines:
  • Centralized provisioning

    of applications and services

  • Full replacement

    of the traditional desktop delivery model

  • Intuitive user interface design

    available on your choice of devices

  • Vendor-agnostic support of multiple application delivery technologies

    including hosted, streamed, web-based, local, and virtual applications

  • Seamless aggregation and single sign-on

    regardless of the source or provider of the applications or services - internal or external

  • Access control

    based on user identity, location and device with end-to-end encryption


With ASG-CloudCockpit, users and IT benefit from:
  • Intuitive interfaces

    for increased user satisfaction and productivity

  • Browser and app clients

    for free choice of end device (BYOD)

  • Massive TCO reduction

    compared to traditional, fully managed desktop services

  • Increased efficiency

    through simplified user on-off-boarding and desktop management

  • Massive resource savings

    compared to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) models

  • Aggregation provides greater flexibility

    at choosing the best solutions for the business while ensuring compliance

At several customers, the integrated use of ASG-CloudCockpit allowed us to deploy highly secure, BYO large scale solutions for our global demanding clients, contributing largely to substantial End User Computing TCO savings in the range of 30-50 percent.

Thomas Müller, Vice President, Product Leader Future Workplace & Enterprise Architecture, T-Systems