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Defining Your Phased Cloud Roadmap to Simplify the Cloud Challenge

ASG-CloudAssessment provides orientation, guidance and clear suggestions for your cloud strategy and projects, based on best practices and expertise from 10+ years of successful cloud projects.

At ASG, we break down the complexity of cloud computing into manageable cloud maturity levels and solution building blocks. ASG-CloudAssessment helps you master Level 1 – Your Cloud Strategy. In a two-day workshop, experienced ASG senior cloud architects and IT business consultants will analyze your organization’s cloud readiness and discuss with your team how to best take advantage of, and approach, the cloud computing concept. Right after the workshop, ASG’s experts will prepare the assessment summary and make suggestions for your individual cloud roadmap based on ASG's cloud blueprint and reference architecture. The results will be incorporated into your individual ASG cloud guide book, which provides the framework for your cloud projects.


  • An assessment based on a proven methodology for developing orientation and a clear cloud computing roadmap

  • Massive value for your individual cloud strategy and projects, created in only a few days

  • ASG’s best practices and expertise from 10+ years of successful cloud projects


  • Analysis of your organization’s cloud readiness, using a solid methodology led by experienced cloud experts

  • Understanding of how to successfully transform your IT organization to a cloud computing model

  • Simplifying the cloud challenges to ensure the desired results and benefits