ASG-CloudAssessment Services

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Get the Maximum Potenial Benefits from your ASG Products

Unlock the value of your ASG CloudFactory investments through expert installation, configuration and training from ASG Professional Services consultants.

ASG offers pre-configured ASG CloudFactory installation packages that reduce time-to-deployment drastically. They offer a strong foundation to build a robust metadata program across the enterprise, minimizing or eliminating post-deployment issues. An Upgrade Service performed by ASG Professional Services will start with an inventory of existing components, a report on available upgrades, and then a quick and comprehensive upgrade of your systems. Any customizations that exist in your environment will be reviewed and upgraded to work with the new environment. ASG Professional Services provide flexible, effective training solutions that enable your staff to expertly apply techniques in tackling even the most challenging projects. With our education and training services, your staff will learn how to optimize the implementation and use of ASG cloud solutions.


Please see the document at the bottom of this page for more information about these services.
  • ASG-CloudAssessment

    Move towards a cloud computing model by leveraging ASG’s broad experience.