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ASG APC automates the targeting, measuring, reporting and analyzing of application jobsteps or online regions

APC monitors production Batch and Online applications, in real-time, across Parallel-Sysplex environments, and automatically identifies candidates warranting detailed analysis.

ASG APC prioritizes targets based on highest resource savings potential and automatically triggers measurements for in-depth performance analysis. APC reduces manual efforts to the lowest possible degree by automating the recognition of runaway jobs, the initiation of measurements, the collection of relevant data, and the analysis of trends. ASG-APC “learns” application behaviour and automatically detects applications that run outside their normal thresholds.  This produces greater resource savings and frees up IT staff for other important tasks.


ASG APC aggregates individual module resource utilization to provide a cross system view of resource utilization.
  • Automatically triggers measurements for in-depth performance analysis.

  • Automatically identifying candidates warranting detailed analysis.

  • Tracks historical behavior of business critical applications.

  • Identifies targets that will produce the highest resource savings.


Automates 90% of the Application Quality Management process.
  • Finds concealed tuning opportunities

    Automatically finds all concealed tuning opportunities in production.

  • Identifies resource consumption

    Finds the root causes of unnecessary resource consumption.

  • Better end-user productivity

    Improves service levels and increases end-user productivity.