ASG APC BatchMap

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Provides a unique visual display of your daily batch activities.

ASG-APC BatchMap helps you quickly identify which jobs have caused problems at which point in time and for which reason (CPU consumption / runtime) and if the performance of the jobs has changed 

Batch jobs continue to be the backbone of IT in big companies. It is only in this way that the huge amounts of data that business-critical applications produce every day can be efficiently processed. The widespread deployment of online and dialogue applications is one of several reasons why batch processing on the mainframe reaches its limits ever so often. It is thus indispensable to closely monitor daily batch performance.


ASG-APC BatchMap highlights critical path jobs allowing an analyst to easily investigate the jobs of most importance.
  • Assess current resource consumption compared to a job's average historical consumption.

  • Displays how many jobs running at the same time.

  • Statistical data from the APC repository are the basis for assessing and comparing the current consumption.


Provides detailed batch information regarding batch jobs.
  • Shows hourly LPAR activity in your sysplex.

  • Identifies which jobs have created problems.

  • Show jobs that have exceeded their APC historical average.