UK Virtual Roundtable: Transformation to a smart Content Ecosystem

Date : Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Time: 11:00 AM


UK Virtual

Join ASG for a virtual roundtable in UK “Transformation to a smart Content Ecosystem”

Organisations not only have to deal with the ever-increasing volumes, variety and velocity of content, but also the rapidly increasing demands on how to access, use and monetize this information.  Processes, systems and infrastructure have grown historically and cannot keep up with these demands as information is spread across a multitude of systems.
Join ASG for a virtual round-table discussion to learn how Liberty Mutual and Postbank have eliminated content and information silos while protecting their investments and modernizing their existing processes.
We will discuss real life examples including how Liberty Mutual manages more than 1 Billion documents in the cloud and how Postbank achieves scalable archiving for 13 million banking customers.  
Learn how content can be unlocked and empowered and which strategies have been successful for companies to build their modern and smart Content Ecosystem.
Key Takeaways:

  • Unlock content stored across multiple enterprise applications
  • Eliminate information silos while protecting your investments
  • Reduce time, cost and effort required to develop content-centric platforms
  • Optimize migration and consolidation strategies
  • Empower information for analytics, discovery and process automation

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