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TechTalk Summits Virtual Event - Nashville

Date : Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Time: 02:00 PM


Live interactive online event

Join ASG at the TechTalk Summits Virtual event. Talk with ASG experts in the networking area and sit in the ASG live presentation to explore what makes, or breaks, smooth-running DevOps and business operations – virtually, we’re keeping our social distance!

Client interest & investment in DevOps has been increasing as the importance of coordination & reducing time-to-market is elevated now more than ever. According to recent Enterprise Management Associates research, 78% of organizations and their IT leaders have turned their attention to Scheduling as a strategy. As this space emerges & matures, how do you address operational management issues around your enterprise value streams in a DevOps context? Join ASG in a virtual commercial IT summit to explore what makes, or breaks, smooth-running DevOps and business operations.

We'll discuss:

  • Organizing around enterprise value streams
  • Putting the right focus on the Ops part of DevOps
  • Overcoming challenges with enterprise orchestration

Attendees will receive a bottle of wine in advance of the event selected by TechTalk’s sommelier for the virtual wine tasting. We are keeping our social distance! are keeping our social distance!

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