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Modernizing Metadata

Date : Thursday, March 7, 2019

Time: 12:00 PM

Discover why leveraging modern data-driven practices is key for agile development, self-service, data value, compliance support and more.

Metadata is more relevant than ever. It continues to be a powerful enabler for high-value data-driven business activities across operations, analytics and compliance. However, to maintain the relevance, metadata management must deal with the increasing complexity of today's business use cases and hybrid data environments.

Metadata management is notoriously manual which makes it slow in development and error-prone in maintenance. MDM needs better tool automation. MDM is typically siloed due to users managing metadata per tool or platform. MDM needs a unified solution that is suited to sharing, reuse, governance and comprehensive views of distributed data.

Watch this webinar, featuring Phillip Russom from TDWI alongside Sue Habas and Yetkin Ozkucur from ASG Technologies to learn:

  • How intelligent tool automation accelerates access to data value
  • How automated data lineage, impact analysis, cataloging and mapping support data governance and compliance
  • How the value of new semantics enables new practices in self-service data exploration, discovery, analytics and visualization
  • Why unified metadata management's role is critical as users extend their IT ecosystems with SaaS apps, multiple clouds and hybrid architectures

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