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Partner Post: Feeding Intelligent Data into ASG Mobius

Intelligent data does not usually arrive in a smart state. Most of the time, data is created in an unstructured format (Gartner estimates more than 80% of data is unstructured), which means people can’t easily find, access or extract that information to make informed decisions. Therefore, transforming unstructured, hidden or dark data into structured data is the first step towards making your data smart.
The process of creating intelligent data stems from having AI-based, supervised machine learning technology that automatically learns to recognize the document type – whether it is an invoice, insurance claim, mortgage document, loan or contract. Based on several samples, an intelligent capture solution can use machine learning to identify the type of document and classify it. Then, it can extract that data into a structured format. Now, your data can be automatically fed (tagged and organized) into your Content Services, ECM, ERP, RPA or other line of business system.

As analysts and reports continue to predict increasing data challenges, it’s more important than ever to incorporate intelligent data into your company’s digital transformation strategy. IDC reports that data is growing at a 10X rate per year and by 2025, the global datasphere will have 163 ZB of data worldwide (IDC Directions 2019). To amplify the increasing data, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent report calculates that companies spent $5.8 billion on data entry keyer jobs in the United States and $134 billion on all types of data entry and information processing jobs. With advancements in technology, manual data entry jobs can be elevated into higher-level and more strategic positions, while machines can do the tedious data entry work with supervised machine learning tools, saving billions of dollars.
Once the data has been transformed into a structured format, it is now actionable. For example, in ASG Mobius Content Services, your content is already classified and in a structured format, making it easily searchable in your business applications and repositories. Your data can be onboarded into a Data Intelligence platform or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool to generate more comprehensive information, trends and results about that data. This can impact customer success with greater insights and faster business outcomes.
Modern technology is innovating at a rapid pace and continues to evolve. Best-of-breed solutions using AI and machine learning coupled with cloud infrastructure are already essential for organizations. In fact, we’re at the cusp of incorporating what’s next for intelligent data capture. Data and the information that surrounds it can be even more valuable when context is applied. As we move toward a world with data democratization, leveraging context will have a great impact on how we do business.

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