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Women Leaders at ASG Technologies: Cindi Mahoney

For the 3rd year in a row, ASG will host the Women Leaders in Technology session at our annual customer conference, EVOLVE20. This session is an interactive discussion around topics including how women achieve success, work-life balance, and ways to promote inclusion in Tech.

Women Leaders are the fabric of ASG Technologies. My CMO is a woman. Our HR Executive is a woman. All 5 of my managers have been, you guessed it, women.

In fact, the person who has sold the most Mainframe software at ASG Technologies is a woman.

Her name: Cindi Mahoney

My first impression of Cindi was… impressive. Six years ago, when I joined ASG, she was the only woman with a corner office: reserved for when she was in town.

At our Global Sales Kick-off in 2019, she won the “Alliance/Partner Manager of the Year” award. She makes quota year after year… for 30 years.

And despite a global pandemic, she is still closing Million-Dollar deals.

I sat down with Cindi to hear the story of her career at ASG, and advice she has for Women in Tech.

A True Leader at ASG

In the 1980’s, Cindi owned her own Technical Recruiting firm. ASG was a client. She did so well placing Executives, she was offered a job in Sales.

When she joined ASG in January of 1990, the salesforce was strictly Inside Sales. After 6 months on the job, Cindi wanted to return up North, preferring the hustle and bustle of New York City.  She wanted to go remote.

It was a risky ask, but a rewarding one: Cindi became the FIRST Outside Salesperson at ASG.

She’s taken on different roles within the company since then: Marketing, Customer Financial Services, leading a Customer Advisory Board, and other various Management positions. Being open to opportunities outside of her “norm,” she’s developed a strong appreciation for her colleagues.

Cindi returned to Sales (her first love) in 2006. “I’ve managed out Global Outsourcers System Integrators Program for 14 years. I’ve learned from Best-in-Class Customers and Global Partners, like IBM. You get your MBA on the job.”

“Have a Plan – Do all you can”

Cindi is a planner and has used this timeline as a guide for her career:

  • In your 20’s, Risk all you can
  • In your 30’s, Learn all you can
  • In your 40’s, Earn all you can
  • In your 50’s, Lead all you can
  • In your 60’s, Mentor all you can
  • In your 70’s, Relax and Enjoy

“As women, we each have our own unique goals for work-life balance.” At one point, Cindi had three children under 4 years old! The approach of do “all you can,” can help young women manage their career expectations through the decades.

Advice for Women in Tech


There are myths that the Mainframe is phasing out or is not modern. This is far from the truth. Mainframes are still used by 71% of Fortune 400 companies. This presents a tremendous opportunity for women in Engineering, Sales, Management, and the C-Level.

Cindi has made her career around Mainframe technologies and encourages women to do the same. “Our industry is constantly evolving; IT is never boring.”
She believes in making work fun. “Business doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Business is easy when the relationship comes first.”

We hope you will join us for the Women Leaders in Technology session at EVOLVE20. Regardless of where you are at in your professional journey, you will be inspired not only for your own personal growth but also motivated to lead and mentor women now and in generations to come.

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