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Reimagine Systems Performance and Capacity Management from Mainframe to Cloud

Today, many companies have adopted a combination of hybrid cloud and on-premises infrastructure for running critical applications and storing data. While the addition of hybrid cloud structures provides flexibility for organizations, it also introduces siloes that limit the visibility into overall IT infrastructure health. 

To address the complexity and costs associated with managing mainframe, distributed systems and increasing adoption of hybrid cloud, we announced the forthcoming release of TMON ONE today at EVOLVE21. This new product brand brings together ASG’s mainframe and distributed performance and capacity management solutions, ASG-TMON and ASG-TMON PA, to enable modern enterprise hybrid IT infrastructure – from mainframe to cloud – optimization. 

Make Agile, Data-Driven Decisions 

With the broadening adoption of hybrid infrastructures, enterprises need a single, streamlined way to manage performance and capacity across all platforms. TMON ONE delivers this enterprise-wide visibility using a new architecture based on Apache Kafka and a common PostgreSQL data store to capture and feed mainframe, distributed and cloud performance and capacity data to IT infrastructure & operations leaders and their teams. If you’re using analytics tools like Splunk, Elastic and Datadog you’ll be able to access this performance and capacity data or subscribe directly to Apache Kafka to view this data in the formats most meaningful to you and your enterprise. Our initial release of this new support comes with TMON ONE Analytics Infrastructure in Q4 2021.  

Analytics Infrastructure will make it easier for IT leaders and teams to free up time to innovate. By unifying data from multiple systems, teams can more quickly identify how to optimize operational processes and make more frequent and informed data-driven decisions. With data visualization, users can stream data through analytics and view performance trends in dashboards. As a result, they’ll gain more actionable insights, rather than having to interpret numbers on a green screen, to discern meaning from data anomalies and make better decisions to improve systems health.  

Systems Health is the Foundation of Digital Transformation 

Healthy systems performance, from mainframe to cloud, supports any robust digital transformation effort. Fail to effectively maintain performance and capacity and you risk derailing digital transformations and eroding stakeholder confidence. Our aim is to enable our customers to mitigate those risks and solve a complex, mission-critical challenge. Our integration of our TMON and TMON PA tools consolidates mainframe and distributed systems planning and performance management, making it easier for IT leaders and teams to gain a more holistic, enterprise-wide perspective on systems health. 

The modernized views also enable a new generation of mainframe professionals to understand this data, making them more effective and productive in their roles. Before, enterprises needed users to be proficient in every tool. With TMON ONE, tools easily integrate and communicate with each other, simplifying performance and capacity management to accelerate modernization and digital transformation efforts. 

Embrace Hybrid Infrastructure 

While the focus for many is embracing hybrid cloud, our commitment is to enable you to embrace hybrid infrastructures more comprehensively – from mainframe to cloud – enabling you to bring the right infrastructure solutions to the growing complexity you and your business face. TMON ONE will support your efforts to optimize your hybrid environments, modernize your approach to performance and capacity management, and enable you to bring openness and innovation to your mission-critical infrastructure.  

TMON ONE empowers you to reimagine systems performance and capacity management and accelerate your move to hybrid infrastructures. To learn more about our announcement, click here

Posted: 10/5/2021 8:30:00 AM by Kyle McNabb
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