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Blog > October 2021 > Deployment Through Docker Containers a Game-Changer for ASG Customers

Deployment Through Docker Containers a Game-Changer for ASG Customers

ASG understands that our customers need more from our products than just leading-edge capabilities—they need to be able to deliver those features and updates to their users faster. That is why today,EVOLVE21, we announced that ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator and ASG-Zena now support deployment through Docker containers. This enhanced delivery method streamlines software updates and improves user experience through new integrations including Ansible and Xray.  

As companies accelerate their software development processes, they need the most up-to-date capabilities readily available and integrated with their other value stream tools. With this announcement, ASG customers can reach their DevOps goals without spending non-value-added time managing complicated upgrades.

Deploying Critical Features, Faster 

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator, a DevOps value stream management platform, enables infrastructure and operations and DevOps teams to visualize, orchestrate and automate value streams to optimize operational processes. ASG-Zena delivers workload automation support across platforms – from mainframe to cloud – to manage and streamline processes using a single console. With these two solutions, we’re delivering critical components to enable teams to take control of end-to-end DevOps value streams and automate operations activities.

Our products enable users to work across platforms and accelerate the delivery of innovation to end users and customers. Developer and administrator time is valuable and can’t be wasted downloading packages and getting updates up and running.

By shifting to container-based deployment, our customers can confidently deploy upgrades across their platforms and get new capabilities into their users’ hands quickly. This enables organizations to improve their agility, portability, flexibility and efficiency while working faster and more securely.

Expanding the DevOps Ecosystem 

ASG has also announced new DevOps toolchain integrations for ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator. Customers can now execute tasks in Ansible, an enterprise IT automation platform, and Xray, a test management solution that ensures testing is built into every stage of development to improve quality.  

With these integrations, ASG customers can get their jobs done faster and more efficiently. For instance, teams can orchestrate the update and execution of test scripts without having to configure multiple systems. Expanding the DevOps ecosystem in this way leads to increased productivity and responsiveness to pressing demands for more innovation.

Streamlining the Upgrade Process 

This new deployment model will provide a faster, more standardized way of getting our updated products into our customers’ hands. Updates can be deployed and managed with ease and flexibility, reducing the need to spend resources on upgrading solutions – instead, teams can focus on strategic work that drives businesses forward. We are committed to streamlining their upgrade process and providing them with the tools and insights they need to continue to innovate. To read more about the announcement, click here.  

To find out more about EVOLVE21, the biggest virtual event for information management and IT systems management professionals, check out ASG’s Twitter for more exciting announcements and news.