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Blog > October 2019 > Our CPO’s Unplugged View of What’s Ahead for EVOLVE19

Our CPO’s Unplugged View of What’s Ahead for EVOLVE19

With EVOLVE19 just days away, the entire company is really excited—finishing up the final planning for our biggest event of the year. The excitement around this event starts at the top, and Swamy Viswanathan, EVP and Chief Product Officer at ASG, will be on stage sharing his vision and enthusiasm for ASG’s latest developments and innovations. I sat down with Swamy to give our readers a preview of the trends and technologies shaping the news we can’t wait to share at EVOLVE.

What can ASG customers and partners expect to learn at EVOLVE19 this year?
EVOLVE19 is dedicated to seeing the future in every sense—updating attendees on ASG’s product roadmap, the company’s vision and the industry trends shaping each. Our keynote presentations will focus on the challenges that ASG customers have overcome in their own digital journeys—from managing metadata and modernizing system infrastructures to adopting RPA. There will also be more than 25 separate breakout sessions—most of which are led by our Customers.

What industry trends are most influencing ASG’s product roadmap?
With regulations like the GDPR and the CCPA, more and more executives are realizing that becoming compliant is not a one-time effort. They need to ensure that their entire data lake is secure, accurate and compliant on a consistent basis. Yet, according to ASG’s recent survey of CIOs, 50% reported that—while they’ve made progress managing personal data in compliance with regulations—they have more work to do.
It’s a challenge to stay compliant in real time, or close to real time, while sustaining a normal volume of business. At ASG, we provide our Customers with some of the most critical capabilities to ensure ongoing compliance—such as the ability to monitor and address deviations to compliance and reporting capabilities, so they can prove compliance to authorities when necessary.
Organizations are also facing conflicting pressures with the democratization of data. IT must provide the right people with access to the right information at the right time, while also minimizing risk. Data governance is the best way to reconcile both issues, and data lineage is an integral part of accomplishing governance. Organizations need to know where their data originates, how it’s transformed and who has modified, touched and accessed it along the way. ASG’s Enterprise Information Managementsolutions directly alleviate this balancing act for IT.
Finally, in the age of digital transformation, businesses are under pressure to develop a unique business model that gives them an edge over competitors. ASG has developed an approach to process automation that helps Customers not only meet competitive demands but also comply with increasing data privacy regulations.
What technology trends has ASG been focused on addressing and leveraging this year?
To achieve compliance and data governance—and to do so efficiently—automation solutions are extremely effective. Instead of manually sifting through data catalogs and applying rules to data sets (which can take hours), automation can be applied to existing data lineage and data governance tools to more quickly and accurately find, trace and analyze data. Automating data intelligence also enables CIOs to be notified in real time when an issue arises, saving them significant time sifting through data to determine where and when a breach occurred.
Compliance and data governance should not be a painful cost to organizations—they should be pieces of a good business practice. When done right, these initiatives give organizations the insights they need to run their businesses more efficiently and securely. ASG’s latest innovation, the ASG-Zenith platform, will make this feasible for organizations by bringing together business process automation, robotic process automation, mobile application development and content management.
We look forward to unveiling ASG’s latest innovations and more at EVOLVE19. Stay tuned for more news from the conference and make sure to follow ASG on Twitter for live updates.