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Blog > October 2019 > Accelerating the Pace of Digital Transformation Requires New Tools for Process Automation

Accelerating the Pace of Digital Transformation Requires New Tools for Process Automation

To be successful in today’s information economy, organizations need to not only keep up with the pace of innovation but also accelerate past their competitors. This requires tools and best practices that allow them to operate the business at “the speed of light,” while they push digital transformation initiatives forward. New easier-to-use tools are coming to market to make this possible and effectively democratize IT. These new process automation tools, built on robust cloud-based business services, simplify the assembly of process applications, reducing costs and accelerating the execution of competitive strategies.
The democratization of IT enables non-IT workers – those who are usually closer to the business need – to participate more directly in the delivery of digital transformation initiatives. This adds to the development capacity and allows valuable insight from those closest to the business. Model-based application design tools with a low-code/no-code approach are targeted at the citizen developer – the business analyst or process designer – who can apply their business acumen to the visual design desk to rapidly create and adapt automated processes to meet changing market needs.
Digital transformation requires combining a broad set of technologies into compelling new solutions. Process services, including robotic process automation, automate workflows and user engagement. Integration libraries are needed to connect enterprise systems and applications into processes. Presentation services enable the all-important user experience. And furthermore, the current regulatory environment requires that content captured or created through processes is managed and governed in compliance with regulations adding the need for secure repository services. 
The capabilities above are often provided by separate technologies, each with unique design environments. Integrating these capabilities into applications adds complexity, increases cost and slows the delivery of important digitization initiatives. However, standards-based services delivered from the cloud are providing a new approach to process automation. Services are easier to integrate, scale to meet demand and can connect processes to users inside and outside the organization.
ASG sees a huge opportunity to bring business process automation, robotic process automation, mobile application development and content management together to form a new digital automation platform. With our mobile-first process platform, a new RPA capability and a portal dashboard under a single, visual design environment, the ASG-Zenith platform empowers the business-oriented citizen developer with an easy-to-use, flexible platform, that increases the velocity of application delivery and provides visibility into processes and information through applications aggregated into a device agnostic portal dashboard. 

We’ll blog more about this trend and our development directions in the coming weeks as we lead up to our annual customer conference, EVOLVE19. If you’re an ASG customer, join us there to learn more about the innovations we’ll be delivering and see them in action!
Posted: 10/11/2019 8:05:05 AM by Rob Perry
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