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Blog > November 2021 > The Strength of Female Leadership in the Technology Market

The Strength of Female Leadership in the Technology Market

In the last decade, we have seen a strong push for more women to have opportunities in leadership positions, especially in the technology industry. Historically, many brilliant women have conquered obstacles to establish their space in the technology sector, and they now serve as important inspirations for current generations.

I had the opportunity to talk with some women leaders in technology and understand a little more about the challenges and opportunities they face, as well as gain a more holistic view of their leadership mindset.

Among them, a few of the of their priorities were:
  • Listening to others and encouraging participation
  • Thinking in many directions and themes at the same time, enabling a broad strategic vision for decision making
  • Sharing power and information across levels of an organization
  • Persisting in the face of difficulties
  • Flexibility
  • Managing conflict effectively
  • Empathy
Each of these priorities delivers immense value to a business, and while this list is not comprehensive or specific to women leaders only, it represents the importance of a diverse range of perspectives in decision making. It is important that women see the value they bring to the technology field in order to gain the self-confidence to succeed in a male-dominated industry.

Overcoming Challenges as Women Leaders in Tech
Among the main challenges that women face in the market were the demands of family life. As a result, I want to highlight the importance of a network of support and greater flexibility at work, which has been gaining ground after the COVID-19 pandemic, where many technology companies adopted the home-office or hybrid work model.

Another point named as a challenge was self-sabotage. There are women who set high goals for themselves, then fling destructive criticisms at themselves when they fail to achieve them. Sometimes, they end up not taking a leadership position for fear of failing. To overcome self-sabotage, it is necessary to develop self-knowledge and have the support of a network that recognizes your internal strengths and potential.

The Movement for Female Leadership is Growing
Worldwide, the movement to support female leadership is gaining strength and growing every day. There are many development programs for women, addressing technical and leadership skills. In addition, they address diversity, career plans, personal image, emotional intelligence and other soft skills that are so critical to success in the modern workplace.

This movement is extremely important to enable the diversity and inclusion of women in the technology market, promoting their leadership and creating a market with more equality.

Leadership is not a gendered characteristic, but a set of technical and behavioral skills. Talking to leading women in the market, I was inspired by their authenticity, strength in overcoming challenges, resilience and dedication. They spoke of their desire for more women to gain space, inspire, and support future leaders. Let's go together!