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Blog > November 2021 > Better Together – ASG’s Fifth Annual EVOLVE Conference Celebrates Joining the Rocket Family

Better Together – ASG’s Fifth Annual EVOLVE Conference Celebrates Joining the Rocket Family

Last month, ASG celebrated joining the Rocket Software family at EVOLVE21, our fifth annual partner and customer conference. ASG and Rocket are truly better together, bringing an even stronger portfolio across systems, applications and data to deliver innovative solutions for customers around the world.

Here are just a few of the exciting moments attendees were able to experience at the event:

​Andy Youniss announcing Milan Shetti as Rocket’s next CEO
First and foremost, Rocket co-founder and CEO Andy Youniss announced Milan Shetti, Rocket President, as our new CEO. His official start was last week and Youniss is now Executive Chairman, providing strategic insights and guidance on Rocket’s Board of Directors. This transition has been deliberate and thoughtful on Andy’s part, who has a deep personal connection to Rocket having led the organization for 32 years. Milan is now poised to lead Rocket and ASG into their next era together, ensuring the organization continues to build powerful legacy solutions into the future.

Unveiling the winners of the fourth annual Excellence Awards
ASG is honored to name Liberty Mutual Insurance as the Legendary Innovator of the Year, a recognition that highlights how customers have leveraged ASG solutions to solve complex business problems and is judged based on the project’s complexity, impact and digital transformation results. Liberty Mutual was selected for its use of ASG’s Mobius Content Services solution to optimize vendor-customer software deployments and upgrades, reducing risk and freeing up engineers to provide more business value to customers. With Mobius, Liberty Mutual has been able to reduce the amount of time an upgrade takes from three years to just a few weeks.

Mainline Information Systems is the winner of Legendary Partner of the Year, selected based on nominees’ efforts to enhance ASG’s unique go-to-market strategy and offerings. Mainline works with enterprises to help guide them through their IT transformation journeys, developing innovative offerings often supported by ASG solutions. Together, Mainline and ASG have formed a strong partnership to empower enterprises to embrace digital transformation.

Congratulations to both winners!

Sharing product updates and enhancements
ASG continues to evolve our products to accelerate innovation and meet customer needs. To deliver critical features to users faster, ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator and ASG-Zena now support deployment through Docker containers. This enhanced delivery method streamlines software updates and improves user experience through new integrations with Ansible and Xray. Developers will be able to work more effectively across platforms and accelerate the delivery of innovation to end users and customers.

Attendees also heard the news of the forthcoming release of TMON ONE, a new product brand that brings together ASG’s mainframe and distributed performance and capacity management solutions, ASG-TMON and ASG-TMON PA. This update will enable modern enterprise hybrid IT infrastructure – from mainframe to cloud – optimization.

Creating inclusive cultures at the Women Leaders in Technology coffee talk
Sharra Owens-Schwartz, Rocket’s senior director of inclusion, diversity and equity announced at the EVOLVE21 coffee talk that ASG’s WLIT program will now be a part of Rocket’s Inclusion Diversity and Equity (RIDE) initiative! This is yet another way ASG and Rocket are better together, and the combination will provide even more impactful results to make this industry a place that is welcoming to all.

Owens-Schwartz and Rocki Howard, former chief diversity officer at Smart Recruiters and now chief people and equity officer at The Mom Project, discussed how individuals and organizations can humanize diversity to foster psychological safety in the workplace. The conversation was full of powerful insights, personal stories and actionable steps everyone can take to uplift their colleagues and do this critical work.

Learning from industry experts and thought leaders
Breakout sessions for the conference focused on the three main areas of governance, modernization and automation. On Tuesday, experts from BNY Mellon, Bloor Research, Sirius, Capgemini, LKSS Consulting/Indicum and Ephesoft presented challenges and solutions to governing, modernizing and automating tech stacks. On Wednesday, sessions were led by representatives from ACIC Rome, Groupe Pasteur Mutualité, Phillip Morris International, Ethias, Huntington Bank, 4th-IR, Mainline, Zia Consulting and BNY Mellon. These sessions covered a range of industry trends such as integrating AI, overcoming the mainframe skills gap and understanding metadata.

Attendees also heard a thought provoking keynote from Mike Walsh, bestselling author and futurist, on how to rethink and push established boundaries. One eye-opening insight – there is no longer digital disruption, only digital delivery. With every aspect of all our interactions completely transformed, companies that aren’t fully leveraging digital tools simply won’t be able to compete. EVOLVE21’s closing keynote, Josh Linkner, entrepreneur and bestselling author, energized the audience with inspirational stories of “big little breakthroughs,” seemingly small creative ideas that make huge impacts at scale. With nearly every industry in the midst of major changes, he highlighted the importance of fostering creativity to solve problems in new ways and harness the power of creativity for innovation.

Enjoying music, meditation, magic and more
On day one of EVOLVE21, the Jared Stout Band set the stage with high energy and their versatile sound of americana, blues, country, soul and rock music. It was an incredible performance and had us all dancing at home! On day two, Cyndi Weis, founder of Breathe Yoga, opened the conference with a morning meditation. As she explained, the benefits of meditation are truly amazing (just 20 minutes a day has been proven to increase gray matter in the brain!) and it is accessible to everyone. She then led participants in a brief practice to bring intention and focus to the rest of the day.

Day two also featured a magic show from Nick Wallace, a master of subtle illusion and manipulation. He even included audience participation and had everyone completely amazed.

Connecting and Collaborating Virtually
This was the second year EVOLVE has been virtual as safety continues to be ASG’s priority during the ongoing pandemic. Participants still created meaningful connections and gained valuable learnings from each other, and most importantly had fun throughout the conference! Chats were alive with greetings from London, Mexico City, Sydney, Barcelona, New York, Boston, Brazil, Rome, Istanbul and so many other locations. This conference was yet another reminder that the Rocket family’s greatest strengths are our people, partners and customers who we are constantly growing, learning and evolving with to create a better future.

You can visit the EVOLVE21 site to watch all the sessions on demand, anytime. Just click “view all sessions” in the auditorium and “launch” the one you’d like to view.
Posted: 11/17/2021 9:20:34 AM by Jessica Hohn-Cabana