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Blog > November 2021 > Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan Delivers Legendary Employee and Customer Experiences with Improved

Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan Delivers Legendary Employee and Customer Experiences with Improved Content Management

Back in 1975 one of our customer’s began its digital transformation journey. I know it may be hard to believe, but it was once common for organizations to use – gasp! – paper and Microfiche-based processes to access information such as contracts, invoices, policies and statements. This often meant employees would physically leave their office, go to a warehouse, and retrieve documents back to the office to review and execute processes. The Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan (FBIM) knew there must be a better way, one that would improve productivity and experiences. They started a digital transformation that continues today, partnering with ASG to re-engineer their content-rich processes – the complex interactions people have with content, processes and systems – with  ASG Mobius Content Services (Mobius).

With Mobius, FBIM continues to transform their content-rich processes to equip their employees to work smarter and faster and arm their customers with access to information they need, anytime, anywhere.

Reaching Ambitious Goals with Mobius

Forty-five years ago, FBIM’s document access options made their content-rich processes inefficient, difficult and time-consuming. To confirm if transactions occurred, employees needed access to source documents, which were challenging to find with content in various formats dispersed across multiple physical locations. FBIM needed to ensure operational inefficiencies no longer hindered employees and customers by achieving two key goals:

  • Streamline Internal Processes to ensure employees could access documents through different mediums from wherever they were located.
  • Simplify Customer Access so that customers could view documents through the FBIM website.

With Mobius, FBIM reached these goals by digitizing and consolidating content into a centralized system, allowing employees to work from a single source of information. Rather than navigating between paper and Microfiche, FBIM captured, managed and made information available through a mainframe-based systems that continues to deliver today. Creating a digital repository of over 300 thousand policies allowed employees to quickly retrieve information they need.

Additionally, FBIM customers gained on-demand access to view their policy documents. This on-demand access continues to enable FBIM to transform its customer service. Today, FBIM customers have the option of engaging with call center agents that have immediate access to policy documents AND they can self-serve to see the exact same information. Improving their customers’ experiences in the call center and through on-demand support has improved customer satisfaction of its 500 thousand Michigan policyholders.

Continuing FBIM’s Digital Transformation

ASG, a Rocket Software company, and FBIM share a common goal – provide great customer service.  That’s why Kim Bailey, FBIM’s Vice President of Information Systems Division, says, “ASG always made themselves available to us when needed throughout our long tenure of doing business together. If we reach out, we know we will get the service we need – which means our customers will, too.”

Throughout our decades long partnership, FBIM and ASG have continued to work together to improve the performance and experiences of the more than 800 associates and nearly 450 agents across all regions of Michigan. Doing so has enabled FBIM to accelerate their digital transformation so that they can better protect their 500,000 Michigan policyholders from the risks of everyday life.

Our partnership with our customers, including FBIM, has fueled our innovation efforts to ensure we can accelerate our customers’ digital transformation journeys. Read the full success story here and learn more about how we can transform your content-rich processes with ASG Mobius Content Services on the product page.