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The Top Five Content Services Challenges

Today’s age of modernity is introducing more complexity, including new privacy regulations, a more permanent remote workforce and an increased pressure to deliver better service faster. Many organizations are struggling on this modernization journey. It’s time to identify, prioritize and address the barriers slowing their journey into the future.

To do so, ASG surveyed approximately 250 professionals who manage content and enterprise IT systems about the digital transformation challenges they are encountering around content. Here are the top modernization hurdles they shared with us.

  1. Content on shared and personal drives

    More than half of respondents say they have content living on Microsoft 365 (58%), shared drives (53%) and email (51%). This trend was accelerated by the shift to remote work, as more employees used collaborative services and personal VPNs to store content.

  2. Cloud Migration

    As organizations are embracing new ways of working, accelerating digital transformation and strengthening business continuity plans, many are fast-tracking their move to the cloud with 38% of respondents citing this migration as a top hurdle.

  3. Determining storage duration and redundancy

    More than one-third of the respondents are struggling with storing content for too long (37%) and retaining redundant/unnecessary information (35%) – exposing organizations to risk, especially with increasing privacy regulations.

  4. Setting control and access limits

    Survey respondents also reported that limiting control and access of information to the right people (35%) is a struggle

  5. Noncompliance with privacy and industry regulations

    Three in ten respondents are concerned with risks of non-compliance with industry regulations, and 26% worry about risk of non-compliance with privacy regulations.

COVID-19 increased the urgency for modernization for many organizations, as they were forced to adapt to remote work and an onslaught of new challenges. While enabling remote work is part of a modern approach, enterprises are only halfway there if they don’t have a content management strategy to match. Enterprises must be able to leverage, and protect, content for informed decision-making and full information governance.

For more information, download What’s Slowing Modernization? Barriers Hindering Enterprise IT Systems and Content Management, a free whitepaper based on a Q1 2021 ASG Technologies survey. You will learn about the key components enabling enterprises to realize their potential as digital businesses – fully compliant, well governed, high performing and more resilient than ever.

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