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Blog > May 2020 > Trust in Data Helps You Navigate Through Constant Change

Trust in Data Helps You Navigate Through Constant Change

In volatile and uncertain times, the firms that will thrive are those that can:
  • Find and trust the right data for making smart, informed decisions quickly
  • Trust they have accurate data when making key data-informed decisions
  • Attest that they comply with data-related regulations
  • React quickly to changing mandates, internal or external (i.e., privacy/regulatory)
  • Control and reduce the costs of data and its infrastructure (i.e., reduce data debt)

Trusting data sounds easy. But according to some studies, 70% of efforts to drive data transformation efforts fail. Many of these initiatives fail by overlooking what it takes to establish a trusted data foundation.

ASG Data Intelligence™ (ASG DI) has a proven track record, working with organizations in highly regulated industries and delivering ROI for data transformations by helping them establish a foundation of trust. Here are just a few:

  • American Fidelity Assurance Accelerates Data Discovery a thousand-fold: Mark Nance, Chief Data Officer at American Fidelity, knew that an application and data ecosystem evolved over 60 years made tracing data over hundreds of applications a challenge, limiting its value for strategic decision making. Implementing ASG DI provided data lineage insight across hundreds of data sources and cut a 100-hour mapping project to a few seconds. Many “missing” modules and redundant data items were discovered. Confidence in data improved, driving better strategic decisions and making American Fidelity Assurance a better competitor.
  • ONEY Bank Complies with PCI-DSS and Cuts Cost: Julian Schneider, Computer Methods Engineer at ONEY Bank, had a problem. Without understanding where data came from, how systems processed it or how it was used, it was impossible to identify which applications were critical to the business and which could and should be retired. Within six months, ASG helped ONEY create a central repository that inventoried databases and applications from the banks’ siloed data sources. With ASG Data Intelligence, ONEY has complied with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DS), gained valuable time savings by automating previously manual processes, and saved costs by identifying applications for retirement and outsourcing.
  • NORD/LB Cuts Weeks from Compliance: Faced with a need to demonstrate compliance with the Basel Committee On Banking Compliances’ regulation 239 (BCBS 239), Herbert Fehse, Applications Manager at Nord/LB, knew the bank faced a need to quickly enhance its Data Governance. NORD/LB – one of the largest commercial federal state-owned banks in Germany – already had an ASG Data Intelligence implementation. Expanding it to support data quality management, business intelligence and enterprise metadata management provided the critical capabilities the bank needed to provide the necessary data visibility and governance capabilities to support regulatory compliance. ASG DI allowed NORD/LB to reduce every occurrence of a twice-yearly compliance exercise from a 3-4-week exercise to a click of a button!

ASG’s Data Intelligence solution provides a comprehensive platform for data management, ensuring confidence in trusted data, cost management and regulatory compliance through a complete approach to data discovery and lineage.

Inventory – ASG DI collects information from mainframe, distributed and cloud sources to automate building of a metadata repository. Metadata stitching adds connections not automatically discovered. Flexible Metamodel – The ASG DI metamodel allows information about any business and technical data to be incorporated. Business Glossary – ASG DI’s metaGlossary™ enables business and data specialists to share a common vocabulary of business terms and definitions.
Reference Data Management – metaRDM™ gives a reliable, accurate and controlled view of reference data, reducing the risk of incorrect values and any related business impacts. Data Lineage – DI Data Lineage automatically connects business, application and data information and drills down into ETL, SQL, and application code. Customizable lineage displays show data privacy and quality indicators. Privacy Management – ASG DI defines personal data in the Business Glossary. Tagged items are linked with technical items, supporting Privacy Impact Assessments and the management of privacy compliance projects.

To learn more about ASG Data Intelligence, visit the ASG DI product page.  Check out our webinar with Nationwide Insurance to hear about their “real life” data governance journey.

Posted: 5/7/2020 3:44:11 AM by Ian Rowlands