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Blog > March 2021 > Improving Agility with Enhanced Automation, Secure Collaboration and Advanced Policy Administration

Improving Agility with Enhanced Automation, Secure Collaboration and Advanced Policy Administration for Cloud-First Deployments

ASG is committed to helping its customers accelerate their business transformation initiatives while mitigating privacy, security and compliance concerns. Over the past few years, ASG has introduced a significant amount of innovation to its enterprise information management portfolio. Now, ASG is announcing its newest version of ASG Mobius Content Services (Mobius), Mobius 11.1.

At its core, Mobius captures, governs and delivers digital content and assets generated by people, applications and machines at web-scale volumes and with a high level of performance. Content is managed throughout its life cycle and is made available to people and processes wherever and however it is needed.

Enhanced Content Services

Mobius 11.1 provides a comprehensive set of content services to enable organizations to manage and govern today’s explosive growth of information and embrace cost-effective cloud deployments amidst global unpredictability. Let’s look at a few key capabilities of Mobius 11.1:

  • Enhanced Content-Rich Automation: We’ve enabled business analysts with self-service support to construct content-aware business applications for secure, collaborative, business process execution.
  • Extended Cloud Governance: We’ve introduced support for immutable cloud storage with support for AWS S3 Object Lock, enabling enterprises to protect information and manage Business Records in the cloud.
  • Expanded Collaboration Support: We’ve unveiled new support for Microsoft Teams, extending Mobius’ capabilities for managing content in Microsoft SharePoint® and MS 365 to Microsoft Teams environments, providing ability to automatically archive selected Teams content and search from Teams across SharePoint, Mobius and federated repositories.
  • Modernized Infrastructure Deployment: We’ve expanded scalability of full-text search capabilities in Docker/Kubernetes environments through the addition of support for Elasticsearch.

Though I have highlighted only some of the most exciting capabilities included in Mobius 11.1, there are many essential elements of Mobius. Mobius is architected to support open standards, leverage cloud capabilities and deploy on cloud, on-premises and in hybrid-cloud configurations, allowing cloud adoption at the pace of your business. Its capabilities make it easy to federate content and integrate applications to deliver content in any required business context, including mobile.

I encourage you to learn more about Mobius or watch this on demand webinar for reasons why you should regularly update your information management platform.