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Managing Your Mainframe and DevSecOps in End-to-End Value Streams

Following the challenges of 2020, organizations are determined to accelerate digital transformation. However, according to Gartner, “the transformation journey is taking large enterprises especially at least twice as long and costing twice as much as they originally anticipated.”

For many large enterprises, digital transformation requires more than developing mobile apps and delivering digital services. In ASG’s 2021 Survey Report: What’s Slowing Modernization?, about half (49%) of respondents said most, if not all, of their core business functions still run on the mainframe.

For these organizations, it’s imperative but difficult to include IBM Z in their hybrid cloud strategy and digital transformation initiatives. Adding to this challenge is strengthening security as mainframe and value stream activity increase with digital transformation.

Organizations are beginning to look at how DevOps value stream management can help them solve these challenges by improving their visibility of end-to-end process flows while also strengthening security.

Including Your Mainframe in DevOps Value Streams

Today, many enterprises still use multiple workload automation and scheduling tools to manage siloed operational processes on and off the mainframe. These silos create blind spots within many value streams, and organizations realize that visibility is critical for identifying bottlenecks and monitoring efficiency. According to Gartner, “Through 2024, 80% of organizations using workload automation tools will switch to service orchestration and automation platforms to orchestrate cloud-based workloads.” 

Without a way to manage complex, end-to-end DevOps value streams that span mainframe to cloud from a single control point, your enterprise will struggle to fully integrate the mainframe into your hybrid cloud strategy and DevOps initiatives.

Including the mainframe in end-to-end DevOps value streams will enable you to manage the processes and tools surrounding the platform with the same visibility you have on distributed and cloud systems, enabling you to deliver value to customers with quality, velocity and efficiency.

DevOps value stream management platforms like ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator enable large enterprises to design, visualize, automate and orchestrate those DevOps value streams from a single platform. You can learn more about these benefits in our eBook The Enterprise Leader’s Guide to DevOps Value Stream Management.

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Strengthen DevSecOps for Reduced Risk

End-to-end value streams touch many applications and manage large amounts of business and customer data, especially when they include the mainframe. These value streams must be kept highly secure to prevent insider threats and data breaches that can occur at any point throughout the development and delivery process.

Schedulers, workload automation tools and orchestration offerings have extraordinarily broad and deep authorities across an enterprise and are a key area to consider security. Shifting to a mindset of DevSecOps by incorporating solutions that enable higher security at every point in a DevOps value stream can help.

  • Leverage Privileged Access Management in Value Streams

    For example, ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator integrates with best-of-breed privilege access management (PAM) solutions like Thycotic, Cyberark, Hashicorp and Arcon. This ensures all the systems and applications connected to the platform are secured by ensuring users never have to store credentials for task execution in the automation solution. All login credentials are stored in the PAM and are only retrieved at the time of task execution before all login information is discarded.

    This provides customers the flexibility of configuring their PAM to change the password each time it’s used. ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator will continue automating critical value streams without the need to update passwords within the platform. Integration with PAMs in this way greatly reduces the risk of insider abuse of credentials and reduces overhead for administrators who previously had to manage those credentials in multiple products.

  • Leverage Change Control in Value Streams

    Another way organizations can strengthen DevSecOps in end-to-end value streams is through change control for automation data, also available in ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator. Each time a new application is added to a value stream, an environment changes, or any other number of changes occurs, the automated rules and definitions must be modified.

    Typically, organizations set up at least three environments to support Development, Test and Production. Change control for automation data ensures changes developers make can only be accepted into other environments like QA or Production by someone with proper security.

    At each stage, the users are working with secure connections and they can easily schedule or apply the changes to each environment. In addition to increasing security in the development and delivery process, this eliminates the overhead of tickets and spreadsheets and prevents importing and exporting of unencrypted files.

Finding the Value in DevOps Value Stream Management

As your organization looks to accelerate digital transformation, it’s important to increase visibility and security throughout the DevOps value streams you rely on to develop and deliver value. Adopting the right DevOps value stream management platform will enable you to optimize business process flows, improve resource efficiency and accelerate the delivery of innovation to your end users and customers without compromising security—from mainframe to cloud.

For more information, check out this press release and join ASG’s webinar, Embracing DevOps Value Stream Management, from Mainframe to Cloud, on April 15 at 11 a.m. ET. You can also learn more about ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator by visiting ASG’s DevOps automation page.

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