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COVID-19, Content Services & The Cloud

Flexibility and adaptability are key to controlling the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. As organizations are embracing new ways of working, accelerating digital transformation and strengthening business continuity plans, many are fast-tracking their move to the cloud. The cloud is providing significant benefits for content services and is supporting the relief effort by ensuring workers can access essential business information, while enabling secure real-time collaboration for the masses working from home.

Why is the cloud the future of content services? The advantages are numerous. Using a cloud-based content services platform reduces the resources burden on IT by leveraging the provider’s infrastructure expertise, while optimizing security, compliance and risk management. For the business, content services in the cloud means getting the right content into the right hands at the right time, regardless of repository. By improving user access, the organization also improves productivity and decision-making, while providing better customer experiences.

Despite the compelling opportunities, it is not realistic to assume that all organizations can completely replace their current in-house content repositories overnight for a cloud-only approach. Therefore, many organizations are adopting a hybrid approach that leverages the best of both worlds in what could be called a mash-up of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services and a public cloud.

The hybrid cloud has proven to be especially valuable as organizations have had to adapt immediately to remote ways of working. It allows data and content to move between private repositories and public clouds in a more accommodating way as business needs and processes change - ultimately giving the organization greater flexibility and more options for deployment and use. Organizations that deploy a hybrid model also have a lower total cost of ownership as it eliminates the need for substantial infrastructural requirements.

Thriving in the post-COVID world requires organizations to explore all opportunities to become adaptable by driving down costs, minimizing risks and accelerating digital transformation. As a result, enterprises will continue to prioritize the cloud as a platform for content centric process innovation and improved organizational performance providing security and compliance. Organizations stalled in migration inactivity will be left behind.

Learn about moving to a modern hybrid cloud content architecture to remain more agile and compliant. For more information on addressing the need for data security while moving to the cloud explore this AIIM whitepaper.