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Blog > March 2021 > Arch2Arch: ASG’s Approach to Architecture

Arch2Arch: ASG’s Approach to Architecture

Last week, ASG hosted the third installation of its Arch2Arch series, where I speak with our top architects to dive deep into what makes ASG tick. For this month’s segment, I connected with Benjamin Adell, ASG’s Architecture Stack Director, to discuss how ASG’s architects work across our product lines to establish a uniform vision that drives the development of our products and ensures that the highest levels of security, resiliency, performance and scalability are met. With a suite of products spanning both information management and IT systems management, it is critical that we have standards that ensure we are delivering the highest level of quality and robustness to our customers. Here’s a look into what Benjamin and I discussed!

Defining a Set of Standards

As a global organization with more than 3,000 customers, it is critical that ASG is constantly innovating and improving our products to ensure we are delivering value and helping our customers achieve their goals. As you can imagine, this is no easy feat. To ensure we were consistently able to meet this standard, we set out to define and create a high-level strategy and elevated vision of what we wanted our products to be for customers. Key to this was uncovering the challenges our customers faced, which we found included:

  • Collaborating across distributed teams
  • Increasing the team’s knowledge and leveraging new technologies
  • Increasing development throughout
  • Lowering friction on product integrations
  • Leveraging the potential of a large portfolio
  • Moving to SaaS while maintaining on-premises and on-cloud strategies

Once we understood what was important to our clients, we were able to define six key goals that laid the groundwork for our approach:

  • Faster release cadence
  • Support operational automation
  • Leverage industry best practices
  • Meet customers where they are
  • Adopt burgeoning technology standards
  • Deliver a cloud vendor neutral technology stack

Meeting Customer Needs

Once these goals were defined, we took a step back to identify how best to bring them to life. Disruption is a constant in today’s world, making agility the key to success for any organization. Not only do our customers expect it, but without it, enterprises do not have the ability to react quickly to changes in their industry. This is especially true as more organizations are spread across the globe and are operating across a mix of on-premises and cloud-based architecture. Customers needed the ability to act quickly and flexibly no matter what opportunity or challenge they were faced with.

Because of this, we focused on delivering agility wherever possible – no easy feat across a suite of dozens of products. Today, agility is built into every step of everything we develop, allowing customers to react quickly. We have also built flexibility into our solutions, giving customers the ability to define business logic in a way that works for their business while being confident that all activity is based on a set of standards that ensure quality and security above all else.

As the world becomes more interconnected, customer needs are shifting, and flexibility and agility are the keys to success. At ASG, we recognize this and have taken proactive steps to ensure all of our solutions are created with these needs in mind – while still prioritizing security, compliance and quality and leveraging industry best practices. Visit our website to learn more about our suite of solutions.