Blog > March 2020 > Improving Governance and Total Cost of Ownership with Mobius Content Services 10.1

Improving Governance and Total Cost of Ownership with Mobius Content Services 10.1

We recognize we all operate in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world – a world of constant change. We understand our customers need partners that can help them improve their responsiveness to constant change and their ability to govern and trust their information. That’s why I’m thrilled to share this week we released our next iteration of Mobius Content Services with Mobius 10.1. This new release provides our most recent proof point of our commitment to help organizations – from large enterprises to mid-size firms modernize, govern and transform their businesses for the information economy.

With the release of Mobius 10.1, we have made it easier for our customers to reduce costs, improve compliance and lower their total cost of ownership of the content infrastructure. Advancements we’ve made with 10.1 include:

  • Enhanced Content Management Services: Enabling employees and collaborative workgroups to create and update documents with full version control. Administrators also have more capability utilizing policy wrappers to govern all documents managed through Mobius, including workflows, redaction and legal holds.
  • Sophisticated Information Governance Services: Expanding on our existing time- and event-based records management support, administrators now can uniformly and concisely apply complex business rules to meet stringent, ever-changing security demands and regulations. Administrators can “set and forget” rules governing content access, view, use and distribution across Mobius and federated repositories.
  • Unified Content Federation: Federation is central to our approach, and administrators have used it historically to mitigate content sprawl in their organization. They can use it now to automatically apply advanced redaction policies to information across federated content silos and information stores.
  • Streamlined Content Distribution Services: We’ve improved support for developers with a unified set of REST APIs supporting content distribution and workflows guaranteeing delivery across web, mobile and print channels.
  • Modernized Infrastructure Deployment: We’ve simplified and reduced overhead and maintenance with our improved support of on-premises, cloud and hybrid operating environments through Docker container orchestration via Kubernetes.

We’re committed to helping our customers modernize, govern and transform so they can adapt to all the change that lies ahead. With Mobius 10.1, we can help organizations reduce their content infrastructure costs, improve their ability to govern a complex information ecosystem, and lower total costs of ownership with new and improved cloud support.

We’re not done. Our digital automation platform, ASG-Zenith, is coming soon, and with it comes a new approach to automating content-centric processes in a trusted way. I look forward to sharing what’s next with you in the very near future.