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Blog > March 2019 > ASG Delivers Mobius 9.1 Content Services Enabling Information-based Digital Transformation

ASG Delivers Mobius 9.1 Content Services Enabling Information-based Digital Transformation

On March 19, ASG introduced Mobius 9.1, the latest release of our market-leading content services solution. There’s a lot packed into this release, and we are particularly excited about introducing our visual designer for workflows. Why, you ask? We consistently see large and small companies face competitive pressure from challengers and incumbents alike. While many of these companies know what they want their company and processes to look like, getting there is another thing. This major update will help speed the pace of change while improving the certainty of compliance by putting more control into the hands of business users, and thus will help increase velocity in transformation initiatives. Solving the challenge of capturing and using more and more content while also complying with the growing set of content-related regulations requires smart process, automation and governance. The good news is that ASG Mobius 9.1 has visual designed workflows for this.
Digital Transformation is a term often talked about – almost to the point of becoming overused and cliché. Yet, despite the overuse of the term, the digitization of business continues to grow as companies reformulate their business models to meet the demand and expectations of a digital, mobile world. In 2018, McKinsey1 reported that only 8% of businesses thought their current business model would remain viable based on the continued digitization of their business. This really shows the pressure businesses are under to stay competitive and relevant.
What does digital transformation entail? How does a business transform? There are a range of required activities from leveraging the cloud, to moving to modern interfaces and supporting current device end-points including mobile devices. We see two common threads through transformation projects:
  • Information:  Information drives the context of the interactions
  • Automation – the core capability of computing – automates the task of digitizing (making content usable) while also automating processes.
Developing processes used to be a challenging task that required programmers to write code.  Today, modern tools are allowing business users – the citizen engineer – to automate processes rapidly and flexibly without code. These low-code/no-code tools provide a visual way to assemble processes from prebuilt components and connect the stages, allowing for rapid response to new requirements.
Organizations are dealing with the dramatic rise in the number of regulations requiring the protection of data. As the volume of information under management increases, so does the risk and cost of non-compliance. Our customers are seeking new capabilities to support their compliance programs and to secure and protect the privacy of personal data.
We focused our development of Mobius 9 on helping our customers to meet these challenges of information, automation and regulatory compliance. We asked ourselves questions like:  
  • “Can we help our customers progress to the cloud?”
  • “How can we enable business teams to create the workflows that automate their work?”
  • “How can we help to support compliance initiatives and keep the data secure and private?”
Mobius 9.1 is our answer. Its embedded workflow and modern low-code/no-code designer to make automated processes easy. Mobius 9.1 has the ability to secure data with encryption and prevent unauthorized viewing by redacting sensitive or private information. And finally, its capabilities to run in cloud, on-premises or in hybrid cloud, help organizations move to the cloud at the rate that meets their approach to infrastructure.
We see Mobius 9.1 as setting a new standard for modern content services. It deploys easily and flexibly, governs information to reduce compliance risk and gives business the flexibility to react quickly to changing requirements. Mobius 9.1 allows our customers to meet the complex, content-related challenges faced today as they transform into Information Companies.
You can learn more by joining our Mobius 9.1 webinar at 1:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 4, 2019 and by visiting our Content Services page.
  1. “Why digital strategies fail,” Jacques Bughin, Tanguy Catlin, Martin Hirt, and Paul Willmott. McKinsey Quarterly, January 2018.