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Blog > June 2020 > ASG Technologies and BIGID to Power Pilot Flying J Information Management and Governance

ASG Technologies and BIGID to Power Pilot Flying J Information Management and Governance

ASG Technologies today announced that we and BigID, an ASG Technology Alliance Partner, will power Pilot Flying J (Pilot) in its information management journey. Pilot, the largest operator of travel centers and travel plazas in North America, has selected Mobius Content Services to manage the company’s content in compliance with today’s data regulations.  

Privacy regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have created new challenges for organizations such as Pilot. Companies now must not only understand where personal and sensitive data lives within the enterprise and whose data it is, but also take action to ensure its collection and use is compliant with ever-changing requirements. Pilot turned to ASG and BigID to solve for the privacy and personal information (PI) challenges associated with these regulations.  

Why ASG and BigID? 

Together, ASG and BigID enable enterprises to sustain data trust, enrich insight for data management and balance compliance and business value demands. Furthermore, our partnership offers an end-to-end management solution linking data governance and business context with granular, up-to-date data knowledge. Based on data privacy insights provided by BigID, Mobius Content Services can manage and govern the explosive growth of an organization’s content (documents, images, video, etc.), and mitigate the compliance risks that come with that growth. With BigID, Pilot is now able to automatically identify and classify all PI at scale across all their structured data as well as all content stored in Mobius. What’s more, they can take action (redact, delete or hold) on any content stored in Mobius based on BigID discovery insights to ensure Pilot is compliant with applicable data regulations. 

ASG brings to the table capabilities for analyzing how personal information moves, assigning business and regulatory context to data assets and governing access and data availability. These integrate optimally with BigID’s ability to surface, classify and tag data based on its relationship to individuals. As a result, this partnership enables enterprises to: 

  • Ensure dynamic governance of data supply chains 

  • Automate policy-driven redaction of personal data across the information life cycle 

  • Allow data stewards and compliance teams to detect and remediate policy or compliance violations 

  • Automate data rights fulfillment through alignment of compliance workflows with personal information indexing 

  • Orchestrate end-to-end deletion workflows through integrated indexing of personal information and redaction 

Why Now?

May 25 marked the two-year anniversary of the GDPR – yet few organizations know all the content and personal information they have or where it is. ASG and BigID’s joint customers can’t let a lack of understanding their content prevent them from thriving in today’s information economy.  

Today’s enterprises can feel overwhelmed by the idea of managing all the content within their organization in compliance with privacy regulations. ASG’s solutions enable them to overcome these challenges and are made even stronger when coupled with the solutions of our partners. Our partnership with BigID adds another layer to ASG’s solutions and enables our joint customers like Pilot to sustain data trust, operationalize privacy compliance and continue to grow its business with a strong data foundation.