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Mainframe: The Oldie but Goodie is Greater than Ever

We at ASG have been excited to read recent headlines such as “Mainframe Strikes Back” and “2018, the Year of Mainframe Renaissance.” With the advent of digitization, virtualization and containerization, the mainframe—tried and true—had momentarily moved from the spotlight. Even the Annual Guideshare (GSE) Member Conference that ASG attended in Hamburg, an event dedicated to solutions based on IBM architectures, adopted the theme, “Digital Data – 360° – 24/7.”
Still, despite this angle, attendees at the GSE Conference confirmed, once again, what we already know: data will remain in the mainframe for a few reasons.
  • First, industries with high-volume, online, real-time transactions—such as banking and finance, insurance and telecommunication—have continued to keep the mainframe as a critical centerpiece of their IT infrastructure.
  • Second, the mainframe is the most proven, economical technology stack for processing huge volumes of data within continually narrowing windows, with low-to-no fault or failure.
  • Third, moving data has implications on many other systems and applications, and can create integrity problems and validity problems, such as using data that is too old.
The GSE Member Conference also hosted speakers from leading brands across industries, who shared exclusive insights into their current challenges, projects and research. Hot topics included the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity, quantum computing, Commerce 4.0 and, last but not least, DevOps, which is becoming more and more important.
This market focus toward DevOps is directly aligned with ASG’s investment in product development. ASG recently released ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator, a solution delivering cross-technology-stack orchestration of enterprise value streams designed to meet client interest in DevOps solutions. Spanning everything from the mainframe to the cloud, ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator provides workload automation and value stream visibility by using a centralized console and dashboard.
As a leader in DevOps and IT Systems, ASG will continue investing in:
  • New user interfaces suitable for a mobile-yet-connected workforce
  • New integration interfaces so that the mainframe participates in the broader IT ecosystems required by the enterprise
  • New models for interacting with the mainframe, even at the level of foundational infrastructure performance management
It’s not quite accurate to say the mainframe is “back,” because it was never gone. However, with more leading solutions that support modernization and optimization, it’s safe to say the mainframe can be better than ever.
Visit ASG’s IT Systems Management Portfolio page to discover how our solutions enable organizations to orchestrate and optimize the performance of their IT infrastructure, applications and platforms. Interested in reading about our Systems solutions in action? Check out this case study to learn how Primerica Life Insurance Co. achieved its goal of cost reduction and improved customer service with ASG-TMON.