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Blog > July 2021 > South Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company Goes from Paper to Productive, Digital Environme

South Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company Goes from Paper to Productive, Digital Environment

ASG has the privilege of building long-lasting, fruitful relationships with our customers – some spanning several decades. As the economy, market and technology evolve over time, so do our customers’ needs and, accordingly, the solutions we provide them. This journey is especially true for ASG’s work with the South Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company® (SCFBMIC). SCFBMIC is a single-state insurer with 65 sales offices located in all of South Carolina’s 46 counties, as well as six Claim Service Centers. Our partnership began in 1999 and has grown ever since.

Read our story to learn how SCFBMIC increased its service levels, productivity and data security using ASG Mobius Content Services (Mobius).

Modernizing a Paper-Driven Environment

Before SCFBMIC partnered with ASG, the insurer was still a paper-driven environment. (This was the turn of the 21st century, so relying on paper was not so uncommon.) SCFBMIC’s Claims department and Policy Services department both kept all documents (claims and policy applications, respectively) in physical folders, with copies of the files stored in Claim Centers throughout the state.

Each department had its own method for filming and archiving older documents, which created departmental inconsistencies. Policy Services used microfiche and Claims leveraged a comparable document photo/filming system. As a result, day-to-day processes were time-consuming and inefficient – centered around retrieving, modifying and passing endless paper documents from person to person and between departments across different locations.

Ultimately, SCFBMIC recognized that its paper-driven system presented excessive risk to the company in several areas:

  • Storage: SCFBMIC ran into storage issues, having to build a warehouse to offload documents of a certain age from the main building.
  • Risk: Keeping critical documents in a paper format posed significant corporate risk in the event of any natural disaster. If original information was destroyed – from a fire or damage to the building – or even misplaced, the organization had limited means to recover it.
  • Service: This vulnerability undermined the best-in-class customer service that SCFBMIC strived to deliver to its customers.

To combat these challenges, SCFBMIC sought a content services solution that would improve the archival, retrieval and secure storage of customer documents – helping to transition away from paper.

Searching for a Content Services Partner

After considering several vendors, SCFBMIC selected Mobius because it allowed the archival of office product files (e.g., .DOC, .XLS, .JPG) in the native format, and users could retrieve the file from Mobius and then edit and store a new version. With Mobius, SCFBMIC could also use APIs to interface the archival and search/retrieval of Mobius documents. This selection started SCFBMIC’s decades-long partnership with ASG:

  • 1999: SCFBMIC installed Mobius on the mainframe.
  • 2012: SCFBMIC transitioned to a distributed solution and has implemented periodic Mobius upgrades since.
  • 2021: SCFBMIC is leveraging Mobius View, ASG’s most powerful and intuitive content services platform that combines powerful features for enterprise content federation and viewing.

Reaping the Benefits of a Modern, Digital Environment

As an ASG customer for two decades, SCFBMIC has long eliminated the paper workflow for inter-office work, the microfiche and filming of documents and the paper storage in the warehouse. Gone are the days of spending time moving and tracking paper. Instead, SCFBMIC can easily retrieve any source document or archival copy in Mobius, whether employees are in the main office or a Claims Center. There is no need to print any documents, given they can be viewed directly in Mobius. This new environment delivered several benefits, including:

  • Time Savings: SCFBMIC’s paper-free environment saved the insurer ample time and reduced back-and-forth between offices.
  • Better Security: SCFBMIC transitioned to electronic policy applications, giving SCFBMIC, and its customers, the sense of security it needed – knowing no documents would be lost.
  • Improved Storage/Retention: Using Mobius, SCFBMIC set policies for documents with minimum retentions. If a document needed to be stored for 5-10 years, SCFBMIC could know with confidence it would be there.
  • Pandemic-Proof: When the pandemic hit, Mobius enabled remote work. SCFBMIC was able to deploy electronic signatures, so agents could start the application process. Once it was complete, SCFBMIC received the final document and directed it into the policy file within Mobius – all without going into the office.

Achieving a paperless environment through Mobius has made SCFBMIC a more resilient business, increased productivity, and improved service levels and information security. Read the full SCFBMIC success story here. Learn more about ASG Mobius Content Services by visiting this product page.