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Five Things You Can Do for Your Business-Critical Value Streams

Performance metrics, in particular Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are pieces of information that provide insight into the health and availability of the hardware and software that support the business. When monitoring KPIs, most companies focus on the critical business value streams that are essential. You know, the ones that cause the phones to ring, emails to fly, text messages to flood your phone and managers to race from their offices to the war room when things go wrong.

Organizations jump through many hoops trying to collect this data and combine it with other data sources to fuel a variety of initiatives—for example, to create system/application health dashboards in an operations control center or to be used by executives and support teams. However, in doing so, companies run into several challenges, such as:
  • How to collect the performance KPIs they want from the myriad of data sources and software products
  • How to run these collectors on the platform of choice
  • How to use the data in a way that meets their specific needs with dashboards or third-party applications
Today’s organizations need a way to view end-to-end performance metrics and feed those metrics to the applications supporting their business-critical value streams.

Externalizing ASG-TMON Key Performance Metrics

With the popularity of the API economy and RESTful APIs on the rise, ASG-TMON Performance Management is the perfect surfboard to catch that wave! ASG has been helping our customers get the data they need for many years, and we are constantly evolving as technology changes to meet the demands of contemporary IT. Hence, the next step in our product’s evolutionary process: ASG-TMON RESTful APIs!
For years, the ASG-TMON Performance Data Externalization for the z/OS platform has offered two existing methods to extract data for use outside of the ASG-TMON Performance platform:
  1. A data extract utility that allows IT users to extract data from TMON product log files using an SQL like language
  2. A z/OS platform-based API, aka NaviData, that allows IT to get data aggregates (i.e., KPI data) via our ASG-NaviPlex hub on z/OS for all the TMON’s running in a z/OS SYSPLEX
Building on our solution, ASG has now added a RESTful API that runs on the Windows platform that allows IT users to get the same KPI data aggregates that they can get via the NaviPlex hub on z/OS. IT can run this in real time if desired. This new feature is available to all existing ASG-TMON customers as part of their ongoing maintenance.
In the next release of this API, ASG will provide the ability to log that data into an SQL database (ProgreSQL) off of the z/OS platform. Thus, allowing IT to collect a historical perspective and join it with other data sources using either the software they write themselves or third-party products. In the future, we will be adding support for collecting the ASG-TMON log files via this Windows RESTful API.
Now that ASG has made the lives of IT easier, what can they do with this data?
  1. Dashboards—Include these KPIs in the dashboards that indicate the health of their critical value streams in real time
  2. End-to-end View—Create an end-to-end view of their z/OS platform as it relates to their business-critical value streams to identify where in the technology siloes problems are occurring
  3. Artificial Intelligence—Create a data feed to machine learning products like SPLUNK, ELK, SPARK to identify real problems vs. false alarms and potential future problems that can be avoided
  4. Analysis and reporting—Identify when a problem occurred in the recent past
  5. Bots—Develop bots that analyze the data and take automated actions
Stay tuned for new updates coming on ASG-TMON Performance Data Externalization and RESTful APIs. In the meantime, explore the resources below:
For more information about the available data externalization options, click here.
For technical documentation on this new API, read ASG’s TMON ODATA Restful API documentation here.
For information on the TMON Log files data extract utility, visit this support page.
For information on the z/OS based NaviData API, see manual: ASG-NaviPlex™ Aggregates Data Guide