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Blog > January 2021 > Arch2Arch: ASG’s Vision for an Evolutionary Architecture

Arch2Arch: ASG’s Vision for an Evolutionary Architecture

ASG has an all-star roster of product architects, so we decided it was time to shine a spotlight on them with our new Architect to Architect (Arch2Arch) series. ASG’s Arch2Arch program hosts monthly conversations with ASG’s top product architect experts and me, where we “geek out” and deep dive into ASG’s products.

We are excited about the innovations we are building on our products and are looking forward to sharing what is behind the curtain with the world. We are ready to prove that, beyond the value our products bring to our customers, we took extreme care to guarantee that these are built on rock-solid foundations.

Our first Arch2Arch session launched at ASG’s EVOLVE20 conference. We got to hear from the people in the trenches, answering critical questions that architects face on the job: how do you choose the right software for your organization? How do you sort through the marketing and sales hype? When adding new software, how do you avoid Frankenstein architecture? How do you not get stuck on computing architecture and remain free to move to the cloud?

The short answer is that, at ASG, we put culture before choices. We make sure technology is aligned to all business goals. Let me break down the longer answer for you.

ASG’s 5 Filters for Product Decision-Making

As discussed during the kickoff Arch2Arch session, there are several filters that we apply when we make choices as a product organization.

  1. The first is obvious – we are focused on the customer. Each of our products must provide customers peace of mind in mission-critical use scenarios. They need to trust that all our products are reliable and high quality.
  2. We pay special attention to our current customers. While new logo acquisition is critical to expand markets and ASG’s footprint, our products must offer our existing customers a safe bridge to the cloud-based future that they must build upon. Naturally, we want to capture new customers of course, but at the same time, ASG has customers that have trusted us for decades. We must treat them as the most important assets in our organization.
  3. We focus on what matters. From a sales and go-to-market standpoint, it is essential that we target the critical aspect of every use case that we sell into. As technologists, we all have fantastic ideas – but we must be careful. For anything we do, we must ask: does it bring value to customers? To the market? Is it relevant? We don’t want to solve problems that aren’t critical.
  4. We want to grow ASG. Our internal goal is for ASG Technologies to be an organically growing, profitable software company – not just for our investors and shareholders to benefit, but because we want to prove to the market that we are here to stay. Customers are looking for a long-term relationships, and we have the bandwidth to focus on innovation, create and follow new trends.
  5. We stay on top of technology trends. Our field evolves at a fantastic pace. At ASG, we anticipate trends so that in six, 12 or 18 months, we are ready for them – and can bring them into every level of our products. Right now, these trends include:
  • Hybrid cloud strategies are expected
  • Machine learning/AI is becoming mainstream
  • Mobile is a given
  • API are a requirement and a competitive advantage
  • Automation is booming

ASG’s Approach to our Architecture Stack

In the past, ASG’s products each had their own architecture. Now, we have started bringing those products together as cohesive solutions – bringing even greater value. ASG product architects developed a vision for consistency, ensuring that as end users move across applications, it’s clear that they all come from the same vendor. We also wanted to lower the cost for our customers when they implement multiple ASG products. This vision became ASG’s evolutionary architecture, which focuses on:

  • Public/private APIs
  • Security and control over data
  • Gateway for instances
  • Evolution not constrained by consumption
  • Migration path for legacy APIs
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Horizontal scalability
  • Path to SaaS

With this vision, ASG looked at API standardization early on. From there, we started thinking of our products as containers and delivering them as a hybrid deployment model. Finally, we knew we were ready to offer SaaS in the cloud with a true cloud-native architecture. By doing all of these things – and defining a set of core principles to be applied to every solution – we developed ASG’s Architecture Standard:

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ASG’s approach to architecture goes beyond just technology – we look at people, processes and business equally. Our product architects are thoughtful, intentional and forward-looking, and our customers get to reap the big benefits.

EVOLVE20 attendees can log in to watch the full Arch2Arch recording to learn about ASG’s current architecture vision in depth here. If you didn’t attend EVOLVE20, stay tuned for ASG’s next Arch2Arch session in January.