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Blog > Partner Q&A with Zia Consulting CEO Mike Mahon: Part 2

Partner Q&A with Zia Consulting CEO Mike Mahon: Part 2

In our last blog post, Mike Mahon, CEO of Zia Consulting, weighed in on what most excites him about digital transformation. We also asked Mike what concerns him about digital transformation, how digital transformation initiatives will influence the future workforce and how he plans to tackle these issues as an ASG partner.

Q: What about digital transformation scares you?

A: I think there’s going to be an enormous disruption in the next three to five years. There are companies that are significantly outperforming their competitors in almost any field. If you look at where they are on the digital transformation curve, they are fully digitized, their information is accessible and federated, and they are fully integrated into the systems they use. These organizations are well-positioned to engage their employees, which is a major part of digital transformation. Employee disengagement is striking—many people actively don’t care about their jobs. As an employer, a boss and a father, I don’t want my kids to grow up in that environment.

A large number of companies are not ready for digital transformation. They argue against it or think investing in artificial intelligence will be enough to keep up. They are not being productive, and they’re accruing more and more technological debt. I think this gap is going to widen over the next three to five years and create a lot of disruption in the market—and it may not be good disruption.

Organizations investing in digital transformation tools for employees will see productivity gains, and those that are not investing will not come close. This issue feeds on itself: if your organization is underperforming financially, you won’t have the money to invest in technologies that don’t immediately impact the business—and the cycle continues. If people don’t like their jobs or their tools, the gap continues to grow.

The new generation of workers is intolerant of systems that don’t work and jobs that don’t make sense. People don’t want the “job of the century” coming out of school if it has a terrible environment and bad tools. This trend is positive for the industry—because it’s creating a whole generation of entrepreneurs—but if your organization isn’t ready, it’s going to struggle.

Q: So, does digital transformation come down to attracting talent?

A: Digital transformation can impact the intangible aspects of business. If a company is performing well, it has additional revenue to invest in a great work culture. That culture attracts employees to a more meaningful career where they are actively engaged in the company, which helps productivity and morale. That’s not the experience a lot of people in the U.S. have.

Q: In light of addressing these trends, what do you most look forward to when attending ASG events such as EVOLVE?

A: What I’ve been consistently surprised by at the six events I’ve attended with ASG in the last year, is the technical depth and execution around the wide stack of products that ASG has in its portfolio. I like to see customer use cases where the organization has integrated multiple products from ASG. It’s interesting to see customers using Data Intelligence with federation and a content platform, making all three products work together.

We also appreciate learning about ASG’s product roadmap and the direction of the company. Part of the reason we are number one is that we invest deeply in our partners, so understanding the technical vision, helping to craft that vision and meeting with the executives who drive that—that’s the reason I am here.
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To learn more about our partnership with Zia Consulting, read this release. For more information on how ASG helps to equip workers for digital transformation, visit this product page.